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Final Term Paper

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Assignment #3
Analysis of “The Alchemist”
Final draft

The Alchemist is a brilliant novel by the great Brazilian author “Paulo Coelho’. This novel tells the story of a young shepherd called Santiago who lives alone with his herd of sheep. He travels from one place to the other, meeting new people and exploring new things. In one of his journeys, he meets an old woman who has the ability of foretelling the future. This woman tells him that there is a treasure that is waiting for him. After this, the young shepherd keeps looking for this treasure by travelling through different countries and learning about various traditions. During his journey for the treasure, he falls in love ...view middle of the document...

We are living now in a struggle where we all search for is money and good positions in society. Coelho’s argument is that during our very simple daily life, we could pass by vast number of treasures that we already own, yet we do not realize that. These treasures could be in a person you meet, in other words, people we meet in our daily life could be our treasure of the day, because they could teach us something useful. This is similar when Coelho made his character Santiago meet some people that helped him through his life and taught him new things, like an old woman who gave him two stones and taught him how to use them. Furthermore, those treasures could be found in the form of something that you are good at; for example, Santiago had many skills that were apparent when he worked in the crystal shop on top of the mountain. Another treasure that one can own through life is the fact that one sacrifices something precious to be able to reach one’s own goal. We can find an example of this in the book, when Santiago falls in love with the Arabian girl Fatima, and has to leave her to search for the treasure. Here he had to sacrifice his love to continue his journey, which is his final goal. This point was further stressed with Fatima’s advice to Santiago, to never give up, as she told him “continue your journey and you’ll find me and if you didn’t we’ll be always in love.” So she taught him how to stick to his goal and that true love between the people never fades.
Another argument that Coelho focuses on is that many people have a wrong concept about the world, so he is trying in his book to state the better way of reacting to the world and to our daily lives. For Coelho, the correct concept of the world is achieved through an open positive mind, where we have to consider that everything that happens to us through our life has a great meaning. In an example from my own life: my family and I have a fixed day of the week, which is Friday, where we all gather to have dinner. This is a very simple habit, and it can be also considered as a treasure. That is simply because this habit teaches me that we all should be united and it also teaches me that I have to pass this habit it to my children and...

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