Final Team Paper

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Final Learning Team Paper

Final Learning Team Paper
During the early days of mankind, humans were led to believe that he or she were the sole entity of the universe. The Earth was thought of as exact center of the solar system, and that other planets revolved around it. Through the efforts and determination of individuals who refused to believe unchecked facts or documents, Earth is not the center of the universe but is instead a small piece to a larger solar system. The discoveries made by earlier pioneers of science Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton. Developed ideas that help individuals ...view middle of the document...

This collapse may have been triggered by a supernova explosion. Rotating pancake as the gas cloud contracts, it spun faster and faster, forming a central and wide disk. Accretion the temperature rose and five billion years ago, nuclear fusion began in the central bulge—the Sun starts to shine. Solar system within a few tens of millions of years almost all the solid debris in the outer regions accreted in today’s planets.
The Moon is believed by many scientists to have formed after an enormous meteor struck the Earth’s surface billions of years ago separating it from the Earth. This hypothesis is referred to as the fission theory. Though this hypothesis has not completely been proven it is the most agreed upon theory. Scientists believe the Moon was originally a ball of hot magma that solidified about 60 billion years ago and completed its formation approximately four billion years ago. Throughout its history the Moon has constantly been bombarded by objects in space. The way the Moon appears today was caused by the heavy bombardment of material. Individuals may view this by looking at the lunar Maria region of the Moon’s surface. The Moon has a large influence on the tides of the ocean, and the motion of the gravitational pull of the Earth’s rotation.
Universal Gravitation is Newton’s theory of the Moon orbits around the Earth because the size and distance stays the same. The Moon moves in a circle, and the Earth must exert a pull on the Moon. Newton names this theory the pulling force gravity, which pulls falling objected downward ("Newton's Theory Of "universal Gravitation"", 2012). Newton also stated that the sun’s gravity holds planets in their orbits because the gravity was a universal force ("Newton's Theory Of "universal Gravitation"", 2012). After many years of research scientists believes his calculation of the orbits of planets and satellites are correct.
Galileo who was born February 15, 1564 was an Italian astronomer, philosopher, mathematician, and physicist. He was the first man to use a telescope to study the universe, he provides evidence that the Earth revolves around the Sun that proves that the earth was not the center of the universe. Because of his theory (position) was forced to spend the last eight years of his life under house arrest. In general we can say that from Galileo’s theory: the Sun is the center of the universe; the Earth was not the only planet with moons, for example Jupiter has four moons, and the Sun was not a perfectly luminous object as it had sun spots.
Kepler’s law describes the motion of the planets around the Sun, Earth, Venus, Mercury,...

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