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Final Tcs Essay

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Marketing Strategies & Value Innovation Report

Submitted To:
Sir Ejaz Wasay

Submitted By:
Shazre Bukhari
Abdul Basit Shamim
Saba Ishtiaq


First and foremost we'd like to thank Almighty Allah who gave us the strength and knowledge to complete this report.
We would also like to thank our course instructor Mr. Ejaz Wasay for assigning an interesting project which has enhanced our research skills and for imparting knowledge by conducting every class in an interesting way.
We are grateful to be provided with his support and for his valuable guidance.

History: 4
SWOT Analysis 7
Products & Services: 8
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TCS is operating in different parts of the country. It has a wider network of 155 offices in the country along with 425 different retail outlets having more than 2000 online locations nationwide. TCS is being equipped with his own chartered plane the Boeing 737 and over 235 satellite tracked vehicles, a large number of couriers and more than 6000 experienced people for facilitating swift and secure operations.
Currently the business wants to grow internationally and have a major impact in UAE, with potential to serve over 1.2 million Pakistani expats and desi communities of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, TCS plans to grow even further.
TCS has changed its outlook and employing a Blue Ocean Strategy. In 2014 it reorganized its structure and formed TCS Holdings which divided the business into 4 core areas each having a set of projects which account to approximately 14 ventures, ranging from corporate clients, consumer markets to the E-commercial business. In 2015 TCS won the Consumer Choice award and Super Brand award, proving it is positioned number 1 in consumers’ preference.
Some milestones proving its flexible nature to change business are:
1983 |
This was the year of founding of TCS in Pakistan with only 12 stations and 25 bookings on the startup day. |
1985 |
Then the network expanded countrywide over 100 locations in order to meet Pakistan Banking Council need. |
1989 |
They were the first ever service to deliver unique gift delivery service, The Sentiments. They decided to expand their network outside Pakistan. so they established a company at UK. |
1990 |
In this short span of time, TCS have been emerged as one of the leading company in Pakistan. High Growth Years. |
1991 |
In this year, the bid for their first ever private plane was done; they launched their own private plane in collaboration with British Airways, as they have opened international office at UK. |
1993-96 |
The air operations started under own AOC/License in support of different courier operations. |
1997-99 |
They formed own Aviation setup, the first one was introduced as AN-26 |
Furthermore, they expanded their express operations by establishing their operations in UAE as well as in Canada. |
2001-02 |
In this year one of the most popular business schools Harvard Business School undertook a case study on TCS, their success. Furthermore, they redesigned and standardized their courier uniforms. In UK, they decided to further expand their business to different places and established a dedicated logistics entity. |
2003 |
In 2003, TCS formed road Transport Company. They introduced different vehicles for delivery of different goods at a right time. |
2004 |
They established their Corporate Office near Karachi Airport and Civil Aviation Club. An Octara was launched in that year. |
2005 |
In order to deliver goods on time and make their services more and more fast, they brought about bigger...

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