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Final Strategic Plan Essay

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Final Strategic Plan

University of Phoenix

Prospect Snowboards aims to be a small local snowboard company focused on designing and manufacturing one of a kind snowboards from sustainable resources. It will attempt when possible to us all local sustainably produced resources in the production of its snowboards and will also source local artists to design the graphics for the top-sheets. Prospect also plans to collaborate with local professional and semi-professional riders to design the boards so that Prospect is able to provide a ...view middle of the document...

Prospect aims to stay a small local company that will do its business from its primary store and online through its website, as well as expanding the brand name into snowboarding outerwear and street wear once it has developed a customer base and following. A key part of Prospect’s vision is to be a strong participant in the local community, advocating its values and building strong relationships with other organizations and the community. This will include supporting causes and other organizations that share its values as well developing programs to support local artists and snowboarders.
The mission statement is frequently confused with the vision statement. Although there are some similarities they are also quite different in many ways. The mission statement describes the company’s unique purpose and how the company plans to differentiate itself from other competitors in the market (Pearce, 2009). It also defines the scope of the company’s operations. The mission of Prospect is to provide a different product from...

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