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Final Risk Essay

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think with the exception of the Scotland Co. Fitness center they all had adequate signs for patrons to read and follow. The SCFC was lacking several needed signs and it ranged from who to call with problems and spotters needed with free weights.
Mangers need to follow five simple rules to conduct a reasonable safe environment: premises in safe repair, inspect and repair to discover hidden hazards, warn and remove hazards, take reasonable precautions, and conduct reasonable care for safety of all (Appenzeller, 2012).
I wanted to find out how these two fitness centers 24 Hour Fitness and the SCFC can and does operate 24-7 without any supervision. I did see that they both have security cameras and staff enter the building sometime throughout the day. These two center do not offer the programs like the WMCA. The local fitness center has a cleaning lady come in a couple times a week and does a good job. What about ...view middle of the document...

What I thought I would find is several risk violation in each facility and they would be easily fixed. I thought I would find broken parts on machines. Equipment not store properly and hazards of some kind. Instead I saw equipment that was dirty or wet from sweat from the last person that used it. Having anti-bacteria whips to use for before and after is key to eliminating this problem. Hand washing and washing any cuts or wounds with soap and water is a good remedy.
What I found out most about my organization is that they were dirty. It’s not really the dirt you see though! It’s the possible Staphylococcus or staph infection that can be hiding. Taking the time to thoroughly clean your machine and free weights is very important along with the steps mention before in this paper. The two small fitness center do not have showers so it is impossible to shower after use.
I do think the risk management plans of all three centers I covered were good except for cleanness of equipment. The problem with that is when an athlete is working out I personally think being germ free is the last thing on their mind. Their mindset is to get workout done and get going on the rest of the day. Could the solution be more signs?
What if fitness centers put up signs and included literature on the importance of being clean and eliminating staph type infections. Pamphlets and signs for patrons to read before, during or even after work outs, along with pictures of look what can happen to you if you get a staph infection.
If I had to criticize any systems it would not be any of them for their efforts. All three places were extremely clean including bathrooms and locker rooms at the YMCA. They were all pleasantly clean and smelled good with no odors. I also like the way shoes were to be change at all places to ensure the floors remained clean from dirt and mud.
Another praise I had for all three was the way the places were laid out and you could transition from one place to another without much trouble.

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