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Final Proposal Essay

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My final project proposal will be on Communication Crisis plan of Hurricane Katrina. I will discuss how there was failure of communication and what went wrong during this crisis. The crisis communication and management was not planned out correctly. From the outcome of the disaster, you can tell it wasn’t rehearsed to perfection. There were evacuation plans, but it didn’t cover all the publics in the state. For example, there were ill people that wasn’t able to evacuate. There were people with no means of transportation or gas to evacuate the storm. There were 112,000 people with no cars. A great number of people doubted there storm. They felt it wasn’t necessary to evacuate due to previous ...view middle of the document...

New Orleans need not to take this likely if it occurs again. It is easier to downgrade from a minor crisis, but difficult to upgrade to a major crisis. Rehearsals are necessary.

Communication Plan for a Hurricane:

Notifying the President as soon as you take heed of the warning signs of the crisis. Don’t wait until three days before the hurricane is suppose to hit to take action. The governor of New Orleans Kathleen Blanco didn’t reach out for immediate emergency help until a few days before Hurricane Katrina landed. Notifying publics and who you need to come out support the crisis takes times especially one like this. It all can’t happen overnight.

Evacuation plan dealing with the buses should have been staged in a location ready for execution. Being that state is is close to the Gulf, there should a emergency bus lot for situations like this. That way the people with no transportation and that are sick and unable to evacuate on their own will have a plan. The crisis team and the national guard could drive around all the communities and pick up all the people and take them to safe shelter out of the state. Requesting 700 buses a few days before the hurricane was a good idea, but should have took place sooner. More lives would have been saved if they would have rehearsed the evacuation plan and reacted quickly. Having satellite phones would have speeded up the communication process. They didn’t think that there would be no means of communication. The power and towers went down, so there was no way to reach out to the publics that needed to be notified. The national guard had the only satellite phone around period.

Having a back up crisis team is important to have. The mayor of set up...

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