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Final Project: Case Analysis

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MAN 432

This case study on the Diamond Wipes International Company will use management concepts to answer inquiries about the company. Context from the textbook will be used to support the answers and fully detail the company’s management views.

1. What leadership style did Eve Yen use with her employees? Describe her actions that support your choice. (Chap 19)
Eve Yen should have determined what she needed the employees to do before hiring them. Unless a person is trained, they cannot fulfill the requirements of the position in a new company. Her answer to the problem when individuals didn’t follow through as she expected them to do was to fire them and take everything back. ...view middle of the document...

Her problems grew because her company was growing beyond the scope it had expected, employees were needed and there were none, organization was needed where it wasn’t needed prior. Eve’s behaviors in the problem were that she did not seek professional managerial help, she as the boss was limited in her abilities to perform all the tasks she needed done. Even when she hired the general management and office assistants they were not well suited for the jobs. As a small business that started to grow into big business she was going through the growing pains of learning how to manage the company on her own.

3. Explain why entrepreneurs in general have difficulty being effective organizational managers. How does Eve Yen reflect these characteristics? (Chap 19& 20)
Entrepreneurs have a hard time being effective organizational managers because as they start their business they may be able to handle the major tasks easily because the business is still small and able to manage. As the company grows however the strengths of the founder may show to be in different areas and can be greater used that way. Organizational management is difficult for entrepreneurs because they at some point during their businesses growth will need to hire more employees as well as managers to keep the company structured and running smooth. Yen shows these characteristics perfectly in her flaws as the company grows. Her marketing skills surpass her organizational management skills, which are clearly shown in the fact that her business grows as the organization or the business deteriorates. She is not an organizational manager and she realizes it as she hires a general manager to handle those tasks that she is unable to herself.

4. Eve said, “By 2006 I had started to worry.” (About expansion). What planning should she have been doing in the 11 years since she started her company? Be specific in the actions that were needed. (Chap 19)
Eve should have planned for long-term and short-term when she started her company. Long-term planning could have included a better organization of how the business would run, in the instance that it took on the growth that it did when she “started to worry.” Long-term planning would of helped her to see the growth ahead of time and automatically resort to the plan she created, save time and initiate the solution of implementing managers and other such devices to help keep the company just as efficient. Short-term goals could have been dealing with the production overlap issues that she faced with growth from start-up to the 11 years later where she would be a $9 million industry. Setting short-term goals for production, marketing and other areas could have helped her stay on top of the lack of communication issues she later faced, by implementing a universal system when the company was smaller and perhaps didn’t need it as much. This would have helped communication as the company grew to be easier dealt with as it would already...

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