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Final Project Essay

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Unit Eight: Communication Problems
Geri Sullivan
Kaplan University
MT302 Organizational Behavior
April 26, 2011

In this week’s case study, the topic is poor managerial communication. James Caruso is the manager of a public relations firm with only four reporting employees. Although he is very intelligent, he lacks effective communications skills. In effect, this inefficiency is causing conflict in his firm. His employees are quick to list his weaknesses; missed deadlines, ineffective communication, lack of employee satisfaction, just to name a few. This paper will discuss some of his problems and suggestions to help Mr. Caruso improve his relationship with not only his ...view middle of the document...

Because of this, miscommunication or even lack of communication is practiced in the workplace.
In addition, the hierarchical structure of a company also adds up to the complacency of the bosses that often results to poor communication. For example, instead of having the initiative to talk to their employees, they have the mentality that since they are the bosses
and they are at the higher level in the organizational structure, their employees should be the ones to make an effort to consult them or talk to them.
This case suggests that there is a strong relationship between reinforcement theory and communication. Communication controls behavior, stimulates motivations, provides information, and is a means to release emotions. Reinforcement theory is a central part of those four functions. In order to accomplish each function, communication and reinforcement theory work hand and hand to provide an avenue to send messages and receive feedback from employees. Sending the correct messages and receiving feedback not only strengthens the relationship between the boss and the employee, it also strengthens the lines of communication.
Since Mr. Caruso does not communicate well, he is unable to motivate his employees through the use of reinforcement theory. Reinforcement theory establishes that employees have higher job satisfaction and higher levels of motivation when the behavior that the company wants is reinforced with praise. In Mr. Caruso’s case, his employees are very critical of his style of management and it is considered to be a constant source of conflict.
While Mr. Caruso seems to understand that some people need to be told they are doing a good job, he actually needs to put it into practice. Also, Mr. Caruso needs to set a good example by meeting his deadlines. If he is able to complete his work in a timely manner, his employees will begin to do the same.
He needs to learn how to communicate with his clients to avoid placing his employees in an awkward position. Showing his employees the correct way to deal with clients will give them the ability to make better decisions for the clients.
Listening to what is being said by his employees will boost their self-confidence and motivation. When employees feel valued by the company, it fosters creativity and stronger problem solving skills. Furthermore, changing his tone when he speaks to his employees will relieve the tension his employees feel when they are unable to express themselves through the communication process.
Finally, criticizing employees and not praising them enough kills motivation and job satisfaction. Mr. Caruso would do well to use constructive criticism and praise his employees more in order to create an environment that allows for growth. This will also open up the lines...

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