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Final Paper On Dead Poets Society

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Social class has been really instrumental in my and I'm sure most peoples lives as it serves as a division of the brotherhood of man amongst artificial and petty thing. When i was younger I lived in what would be considered a lower class neighborhood. As i got older we moved into what would be considered a high middle class neighborhood. I must tell you that the transition was not a smooth one. The demographic was completely different i wen from a community where everyone knew each other whether they were cool or not. Everyone gathered outside and had events often and we constantly were in and out of each others houses we knew what each other did. The kids would go out for sports in the ...view middle of the document...

The distinction of people by race was invented for the purpose of gaining control of the world for one race , that is to say this group of people is better then this group of people so naturally it is ok for them to conquer and take control. To this day it lingers on and many people still believe in ancient thin king and techniques that are really no longer needed or relevant or necessary we no longer live in a society dominated by race as much we are making the transition into a society mostly dominated by social class or how much wealth you can accumulate throughout the system.
The dead poets society is a movie about a teacher Mr.Keaton who has been sent to school to teach kids who through poetry something they might not have been able to see without him “cease the day” “carpe diem” Do what you desire to do life. If you look in the movie it shows how the boy wants to be and actor but his dad says no and he he explain s to his father how he really wants to do it but his father still says no. In the beginning of the movie they show the principles displeasure in the testing style Mr. Keaton's teaching style as he walks in and quickly try to gain control of his classroom rather then letting them fly free. The snitch at the end of the movie who says that Mr. Keaton is the reason for the boys suicide shows that he is still after all that a slave to his prior...

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