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Final Paper

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Riordan INDP
Wide area network , Antivirus software , Firewall (computing)

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Integrative Network Design Project: Riordan Manufacturing

May 26, 2014


Riordan Manufacturing is a plastic manufacturer providing services globally. Our product services include plastic beverage bottles, plastic fan components and custom plastic developments. The company consists of 3 production plants: Pontiac, Michigan, Albany, Georgia, and Hangzhou, China. Corporate headquarters and the research and development department are located in San ...view middle of the document...

Our current setup in the Hangzhou production plant allows for reliable communications amongst our other plants and headquarters. It is essential to maintain that dependability, while also taking advantage of an upgrade capability in this area of the network infrastructure. The current connection capabilities are as follows (Riordan Manufacturing, 2013):

KA band Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) satellite

VoIP/Data Router for data conversion

100-base T Ethernet framework supported by Gateway/Switches for data distribution

Importance of Communication Protocols

Communication protocols allow for the proper transfer of information and data between two communicating parties (computer, network system, etc.). The protocol serves as an agreement between the two devices, e.g. a virtual handshake. Without it, devices would not be able to connect and share information ("Why is a communications protocol important?," 2014).

There are a few methods of data distribution known as LAN topologies. Tree topology utilizes a headend (root of the tree) that feeds the data to and from each device connected (brances and leaves) to the backbone (tree trunk). In a bus topology, all devices are connected to a main cable, known as a trunk, backbone or segment and only one computer can send data at a
time. A ring topology has all devices set up on a continuous loop; each computer the data goes through boosts the signal along until it reaches its destination. In a star topology, all the devices connect to a hub, creating a centralized network structure (Goleniewski, 2007).

Riordan's Current Protocols

Riordan Manufacturing utilizes a centralized computer network, based out of the San Jose headquarters location, and connected to all the other locations through the wide area network (WAN) support infrastructure. In the event that the San Jose network goes down, the rest of the production sites won't have access to the central servers in the headquarters. This isn't necessarily a cause for concern, as each production site has its own servers that can store the data for later upload to headquarters should there be an extended time the network is down. Through this project, we will migrate from a centralized computer network to a more dispersed Virtual Private Network that will expand our communication and support across our entire enterprise.

In Riordan's network design, communication protocols enable not only communication amongst the local departments at the Hangzhou location, but also between the rest of the organization's manufacturing plants in San Jose, CA, Albany, GA and Pontiac, MI along the wide area network (WAN) transmission lines. Once the information is received through the firewall or KA Band Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) antenna, the encrypted data is decoded and validated through the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) data router and distributed to the requesting workstation. Protocols must also be compatible between the different...

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