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This assignment is designed to quickly familiarize with the world of labour relations negotiations and labour relations in general by having you analyze what is going on in ...view middle of the document...

4. A table of the cast of characters, their positions in the union or General Motors and also links to other information. This table appears on the next page. Click on the links and get more background information on some of the characters.

Rod Andrew | Negotiator for General Motors | |
Owen Bieber | President of the United Auto WorkersUnion International Union.Headquartered in the USA. | |
Phil Bennett | A Canadian union official who is on the bargaining team. He is the burly bearded guy.One of Bob White’s key aides in the negotiation. The head union person in the Oshawa plant that goes on Wildcat strike. Note his reaction when this happens. | |
John Clout | A Canadian union official who is on the bargaining team. He represents the St. Catherine’s plant and has a very strong disagreement with Bob White later in the film. He is the thin crusty guy. | What are his union members expecting him to accomplish during the negotiation? |
Claude Ducharme | A Canadian union official from Quebec who is on the bargaining team. Later in the film he is sent to the USA to assess the International UAW union’s level of support for the Canadian UAW national union during the negotiation. | |
Buzz Hargrove | A Canadian union official who is on the bargaining team and is one of Bob White’s key aides. Hargrove had a long and distinguished career in labour relations in Canada. | |
Fred Morris | An old school foreman for General Motors at the Oshawa plant. The film goes back and forth between what is going on in the negotiations and what is happening “on the line” at the Oshawa plant. Note the atmosphere of suspicion and distrust.How do all parties contribute to it? | |
Bob Nickerson | A Canadian union official on the bargaining team who is one of Bob White’s key aides. | |
Roger B. Smith | Chairman of General Motors. Smith was the chairman of General Motors throughout the world not just in Canada | What are his key objectives in the negotiation? |
Bob White | Director of the Canadian national Auto Workers Union. He is the star of the film. Bob White repots to Owen Bieber the President of the United Auto Workers (UAW) international union. You will see Bob White have several conversations with Owen Bieber (not Justin Bieber) throughout the film. These conversations are critical to the action. Please try to follow the machinations. | What are his key objectives for the negotiation? |


1. What are the United Auto Workers (UAW) and General motors representatives...

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