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Final Girl Essay

1762 words - 8 pages

Bronson Best
Steven Hedgepeth
Composition 1
15 November 2014

Final Girl
The article “Defeating the Male Monster in Halloween and Halloween H2O” wrote by Kelly Connelly, introduces a new idea about women in slasher films. In the article, Connelly states that women in films dealing with slashing, will have to learn and be able to face the masculine traits of the killer to be able to surive and be the “Final Girl” (13). Kelly uses the movies Halloween, Halloween 2, and Halloween H2O to describe the relationship that is used in each of these movies. The relationship she describes is the female-male relationship, which would be considered the male killer and the Final Girl (13, 14).
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She represents a move toward the empowerment of the female victim (14).
Connelly states in the article that Clover explains that the final girl’s assumption of the active/male gaze results not in her annihilation in the manner of classic cinema, but her triumph which depends of her assumption of the gaze (14). The female is able to survive and empower herself through the adoption of the gaze of the male monster in addition to the other masculine traits the monster has. The significance of the gaze, in the light of the patriarchal society reflected by the male dominated credit sequence, suggests a reinforcement of the dominance of the male gaze, Kelly states. The opening scene of Halloween further reinforces the destructive and incredible power of the male gaze (15).
As the scene goes on, the viewers can see a couple kissing through the living room window as they hear the distant voices of the couple. The boyfriend finds a mask, puts it on, kisses his girlfriend and suggest they go upstairs. As the camera is viewing the house, it shows a hand going in the drawer and getting a knife. As the killer goes up the stairs he grabs the mask off of the boyfriend and puts it on, which is the first scene of the movie viewed through the eyes of the killer. As the killer is standing there looking at the Judith brushing her hair as she is naked she turns and looks at him while covering up her breasts. But it’s too late then, the killer had already started stabbing her. This will result in her falling to the floor with blood on her right breast where she had been stabbed. The blood will represents a scarlet letter. As in many horror films, Judith had permanently been marked by her engagement in illicit sex (15). Laurie, Michaels surviving sister has many of the physical and personal attributes such as intelligence described by Clover as belonging to the final girl (15).Laurie’s best friend Annie, unwatchfulness and ill-timid usurpation of the male, sexually aggressive gaze that has resulted in her death. Bob, who was Laurie’s boyfriend, death will begin a new trend. The reason Bob’s death is so rare is because after Michael kills him, he stops and looks at him with his head turned sideways, admiring his killing, which he has never done before. Bob’s death signals that women may still be objectified, but now men will be also. Now Michael has took the time to disguise himself before he enter to kill Bob’s girlfriend, Lynda. Lynda thinks that it is Bob and starts flirting with him showing him her breast, but with Michael not flirting back she gets suspicious and puts her shirt on which is pulled open as he chokes her with the phone cord while she is on the phone with Laurie.
Unlike Michael, Laurie is not in control of the violence, she is about to face with the discovery of her friends dead bodies that reveals to her with the full extent of the threat she now faces. Laurie survives her struggles with Michael, but is still unable to adopt enough of his...

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