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Final Extra Help Essay

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An Overview of Fetishism
Individuals across cultures are diagnosed with all different types of sexual disorders. A sexual disorder is classified as a disorder that involves sexual functioning, desires, or performance (Mosby 2009). These disorders have a huge affect on people because they can affect their own personal social lives. There are many sexual disorders and dysfunctions that individuals suffer from. Along with these disorders, there are many different factors and many treatments that have been used to help these individuals. One specific sexual disorder is Fetishism, which was first explained by Sigmund Freud. Much more research needs to be done to explain this disorder because it is not completely clear at this time.
Fetishism is a sexual disorder, which is also a form of paraphilia where the patient has reoccurring sexual fantasies that usually involve a nonliving ...view middle of the document...

Fetishism closely meets the criteria for the axes of the DSM. This disorder falls under the sexual and gender identity disorders. Fetishism clearly is a sexual disorder considering individuals that suffer from this have sexual feelings towards non-living objects. According to the DSM (2000), there are three main points of criteria that fall under the sexual disorder, Fetishism. The first is over a period of six months an individual must have reoccurring intense sexually arousing fantasies...

Early tests of psychology assumed that sexual fetishism is either imprinted or conditioned, or a result of a strong trauma or physical experience, often experienced in childhood. For example, a person who has been abused in his childhood might develop an obsession either with intercourse, or he/she could be totally horrified by the idea of being touched. In addition to that, it is widely assumed that those who get abused at childhood develop an obsession with being touched or touching others, and can possibly abuse someone else. Other physical factors, like genetic dispositions are another possible explanation. The following represent the most important theories regarding sexual fetishism, in chronological order.
Alfred Benet suspected that fetishism was the pathological result of associations. An accidental instantaneous presentation of a sexual stimulus and an inanimate object, he explained, led to the object being permanently connected to sexual arousal.
The Sexologist Magnus Hirschfield followed another line of thought when he proposed his theory of partial attractiveness in 1920. According to his argument, sexual attractiveness never originates in a person as a whole but always is the product of the interaction of individual features. He stated that nearly everyone had special interests and thus suffered from a healthy kind of fetishism, while only detaching and overvaluing of a single feature resulted in pathological fetishism. Today, Hirschfield’s theory is often mentioned in the context of...

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