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Throughout the past century the issue of human rights has become a common discussion in the international community and in politics. Overall the focus on the issue of human rights in the past century has been good, but there is still room for improvements because in many cases there have been less than successful attempts at curtailing abuses of human rights. Some examples of unsuccessful cases are Somalia, Kosovo, and Rwanda. Many cases of the human rights violations that have taken place in countries like Kosovo, Rwanda, and Somalia the international intervention has taken place has had only a short term effect. Somehow the international community needs to find better resolutions to ...view middle of the document...

A civil war began, between many different clans. During the civil war the clans were not only fighting one another, but began to attack the agriculture of their enemy. This attack on the agriculture turned into a famine crisis. The human rights issue became that there was the lack of food. The United States decided it needed to intervene in this the crisis of famine in Somalia. Within the United States, there was much discussion on how best to aid in this crisis. There were suggestions of food aid, teaching the people how to produce food effectively in the horrible climate and conditions, and using food as leverage, as a way to stop the fighting and control the chaos in the country. Eventually, the United States made the decision to airdrop food. Unfortunately this proved to be a poor choice to try to address the crisis. Many of the fighting clans would burn or take the airdropped food; this became a disincentive to give food to Somalia. The behavior of the clans made the United States realize that it was not a good idea to try to feed a famine.
By the fall of 1992 the famine in Somalia worsens. This prompted President Bush to decide to send in troops into the country, which he did in December of 1992. The presence of the troops did manage to settle down the ongoing civil war, but it did not end the civil war. The United Nations decided to step in to try to recreate a central government system for Somalia. This action did not have much success either.
A clan leader, named Aidid, took control of the area around the capital of Somalia. Aidid’s forces then attacked United Nation troops in the spring of 1993. Many of the United Nations troops were killed. The United States sent soldiers into Somalia shortly after the death of United Nation troops in an attempt to capture Aidid. In October 1993 eighteen United State soldiers were killed. As a result the United States pulled out of Somalia. The control of Somalia continues to be disputed. In this particular case, there seemed that there was nothing that could have been done. It appears that almost every idea from economic assistance, to food aid, to complete international intervention failed to control the violence. In the case of Somalia the problem appears that there should have been earlier intervention by the international community to stop the clans from attacking one another. One wonders if there had been earlier intervention if there would have been a chance to have control of the capital of Somalia. It appears that by allowing a power vacuum to form led to the complete collapse of the country.
Kosovo is another case where international intervention against human rights violation was adequate, but there should have been more done to address the long term issues regarding Kosovo. Before the focus was on Kosovo and the human rights violations that were taking place there was the issue of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was created in the twentieth century after World War One. Since...

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