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Final Course Project Paper

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Tektronix Portfolio: Bringing Innovation and Satisfaction

Week 7 Course Project Final Draft
PROJ 587 Advanced Program Management

1.0 Executive Summary 4
2.0 Organization’s Strategic Plan 5
3.0 Organization’s Strategic Capacity Plan 6
3.1 Defend the Core 6
3.2 Expansion of Sales and Products 6
3.3 Balance the Portfolio 6
4.0 Portfolio Management Process 7
4.1 Portfolio Strategic Plan 7
4.2 Portfolio Charter 7
4.3 Portfolio Management Plan 7
4.4 Portfolio Roadmap 8
4.5 Portfolio 9
5.0 Project Selection Criteria 9
5.1 Project Definition 9
5.1.1 Project Categorization 9
5.1.2 Project Prioritization 9
5.1.3 Weighted Scoring Method 10
5.2 ...view middle of the document...

2.0 Organization’s Strategic Plan
Tektronix is a global company well known for manufacturing test and measurement equipment. They have recently, within the past four years, become known for providing calibration service for multiple manufacturers’ equipment outside of just Tektronix’s equipment, called multi-vendor services. Tektronix’s focus is on quality and service with an expectation of being a “trusted partner for creating value” (Tektronix, Inc., 2014). The company’s mission involves, “Bringing the Next Generation of Innovation Closer” (Tektronix, Inc., 2014). The technology industry is always changing and evolving, so they have to follow suit to continue to deliver to their existing and future customers.
There are many branches within Tektronix, but for the purposes of this Portfolio Management Plan, there are two main areas of focus for strategic development based on the technology industry; the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Multi-Vendor Services (MVS). There are three main areas where Tektronix has focus for strategic development. They are known as Defend the Core, Expansion of Sales and Products, and the Balance of the Portfolio. See table 1 below to see the objectives lined up within these main areas. With Tektronix already being well-known for manufacturing of testing equipment, the strategy for the OEM is to expand development to both software and hardware platforms with rapid time to market. By investing in research and development of this field, they will better be able to assist in the accomplishment of Tektronix’s main objective as an organization, to maintain their leadership in the industry.
| Objectives |
Defend the Core | Establish/maintain performance leadership and 1st to market applications |
| Engage Mid-Price Point (MPP) customers throughout the buying process, and scale to deliver technical and demo requirements. |
Expansion of Sales and Products | Create innovative software/hardware solutions based on customer needs. |
| Increase sales by offering packages to sell to new and existing customers with the equipment sales. |
Balance the Portfolio | Expand MVS in Mil/Gov and Medical Segments |
| Expand testing capabilities to offer more support |
2.0.1 Table 1: Organization Objectives

3.0 Organization’s Strategic Capacity Plan
3.1 Defend the Core
The focus for defending the core by engaging MPP customers will be the customers ranging from $10k to $100k. This range of Tektronix’s customers will help build the core strength of the business. This focus will be absorbed by the current customer care team based at headquarters in Beaverton, OR. The goal with this objective is to increase orders within the MPP range by 30% and increase follow up on market quality and sales quality leads by 55%. As these leads grow, the capacity for headcount to assist with these leads is expected to grow. Potential need for headcount will arise once the follow up leads increase by 35%, as the team has...

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