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Final Essay

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Final Project Milestone Four: Final Project

Southern New Hampshire University

Personal Identity Statement: I was born and raised in Dalzell, South Carolina where she knew from a small age that she would be someone important, where it was in radio, writing or photography. She knew that she would have her hands in the media in some shape or form. Growing up as a child and to this day, I am dependable, loving, dedicated, goal-oriented, creative, detail-oriented, a singer, a writer, a helper, and a most importantly I am a photographer. Although I am not a professional photographer, I am dedicated and love what I do. Photography to me tells a story that no one else knew happened, even if ...view middle of the document...

I am a firm believer that God placed everyone on Earth for a reason and no one should be able to judge anyone else’s life. Remembering as a child how curious I was to find out how the man was talking through the radio or how the people got into the television screen, I knew I wanted to know everything that had to do with the media. But it wasn’t until after my sophomore year in college that I figured out that photography was my passion. The way pictures are able to tell a story without there being any words spoken, is magical in its own right.
I am not just trying to become a photographer because it pays well but because I am able to show people how beautiful they really are (many of my photos, I don’t have to edit). You always hear people and commercials say that pictures are worth a thousand words, well personally I believe they are worth a lot more than that. Pictures are a gateway to the past, present and future. I always say, why go to the rest when you can get the best! Unlike many of photographers who have chosen to display customer’s photos on Facebook before the client sees them, I will never show the world anything that you didn’t see first-hand. This assures not only me but the customer that the pictures are to their liking.
So again I ask, why go to the rest when you can have the best!
Strategy Plan: Hard work and dedication is what many believe will get them ahead in life but little do they know; it takes a lot more than just those two elements. I believe if you want to succeed and go further in life you must be a hard worker, determined, dedicated and most importantly one must have a plan. A plan that will show how and why you will make your dreams a reality.
As I stated in my personal identity statement, I would love to one day have my own photography business. And I know in order to succeed; I must really put myself out there and go for what I want. The first thing I would do is write a business plan and set goals that would get me closer to my dreams. And to do that I will promote not only myself but also my business on as many social networks as possible. I would also make sure that my personal and professional brands are almost one in the same. In order to make that happen I must watch what I say and what I post on all social networks. For example, no matter how upset I am about what’s going on in society I can’t be rude and insensitive about people who may be affect by what’s going on. I can’t post that the government sucks because I may have someone following my professional page who doesn’t agree with what I am saying.
Social networking can be fun but only if it use correctly. By using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn I can showcase not only my photography skills but also my business and social skills. These three social networking sites allows their members to post from their cell phones, where it is easier and you are able to keep track of everything that is going on when they are away from their laptops. I plan to...

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