Finacial Terms And Goals Essay

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Week 1 Financial Terms and Roles
January 14, 2014
Week 1 Financial Terms and Roles
1) Finance
Finance is considers the management of how income acquired and used. Whether dealing with corporate or personal issues, finance may consist of how individual or business acquires, invest, and manage money. Financial decisions are the role finance plays, which consist of money as the resource and how and the source of how the organization obtain the revenue.

2) Efficient Market
Efficient markets are a hypothesis that prices in a market are continually fair. This consists of incorporated market prices reflecting associated information completely. Keeping values current ...view middle of the document...

6) Security
Securities are known as stocks indicating right of ownership to a dept agreements and bond indicating debt agreements. Security is an investment or financing system supplied by the government or organization that represents stocks that indicate the right to ownership and bonds representing the debt to an agreement. In finance, the role of security consists of the source who issues securities and the source of investment in purchasing securities.

7) Stock
Claim on part of the organizations assets or obtaining ownership in the business are known as stock. Stocks assist investor in establishing financial trust in an organization. Stocks usually have a face value however; stocks are not obligated to have a maturity date. Two main types of stock are common and preferred stock. Preferred stocks are fixed, do not have voting rights, the holder has a higher claim on earnings and assets whereas common stocks are not fixed, have voting rights, and have a lower claim on earning and assets.

8) Bond
Bonds are dept instruments confirming a contract between the bond issuer and the bond holder. These dept instruments define the amount of the loan, interest rates, method of payments on interest and principal, and maturity dates. Bond are interest rate securities known as fixed income securities.

9) Capital
Capital is the sum of money invested by the owners of the businesses to produce income in which company’s assets in the production of wealth and income.

10) Debt
Debts are responsibilities of payment paid by an organization known as liabilities. Depts borrowed under a year are known as short-term depts and...

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