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Films Essay

546 words - 3 pages


Financial Year Ending on 30th June__________

| | |

| | | | |
|a) | | | |
|b) | | | |
|c) | | ...view middle of the document...

| |Identification & nature of Asset(s) |Mode of acquisition/year |Cost of acquisition |
|a) | | | |
|b) | | | |
|c) | | | |
|d) | | | |
|e) | | | |
|f) | | | |
|g) | | | |
|h) | | | |
|i) | | | |
|j) | | | |
|k) | | | |
|l) | | | |
|m) | | | |
| | | | |

Assts held as Attorney
|Identification & nature of Asset(s) |Nature of Power of |Name & Address of the |
| |Attorney (Recoverable/ |Legal Owner. |
| |Irrecoverable) | |
|a) | | | |
|b) | | | |
|c) | | ...

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