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Film Viewer Essay

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Elizabeth Gartner
Film Viewer Opinion Paper

Sitting down and watching movies are always a fun and relaxing part of life. There are films out there that are enjoyable and others that are not. Throughout this reading I will be sharing my personal opinions on what is enjoyable and un-enjoyable to me, and how I decide on which movie to watch. Something that is huge for me is organization in a movie. If it doesn’t keep me interested and in line while watching I loose interest. There are many un-sequenced movies out there, but just because the events in the movie are out of order doesn't been it is not organized. If a movie isn't organized properly, the watcher tunes out.
When deciding on a movie to watch I am up for anything. I prefer comedy but often I ...view middle of the document...

Organization is huge, especially in the first 30 minutes of a movie. The first impression from a movie has to catch the watchers attention. When I sit down to watch a movie it has my full interest through out the whole movie unless it is scattered in all different directions then it looses me. Even old history movies I find interesting if they just make it enjoyable. Adventurous movies tend to keep me tuned in every time. I think this is because the movie moves around from scene to scene, which causes the watcher to be interested on what is coming next, rather than a few boring scenes over and over.
An un-enjoyable film for me is one that has too much gore or many vulgar events. I can stand horror or small amounts of gore and vulgarity but too much I loose interest, or I spend most of the movie with my eyes closed. Briefly, as I mentioned before with organization, is when watching a movie and scenes are all over the place, this causes me to forget what is happening, and that is when I choose to turn off the movie. Another situation where a movie would be un-enjoyable depends on the crowd you are around when watching it. When watching certain movies around certain people it could cause me to be uncomfortable, for the sake of respect. An example for this is that I would not be able to watch a movie that has intimacy between others with your grandma.
So now that my interests and non-interests are out there, maybe I can learn some of the aspects of movie watching and making that I never knew to look at before. From this I hope to over come my un-enjoyable critics and focus on more of what the movie is actually trying to portray. A movie is always enjoyable if it is in your interest but now I hope to sit down and not just watch a movie but to also notice all the little things producers do to make the enjoyable ones worth while.

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