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John GomezJustin GarciaFilm Ap.The GraduateMain CharactersDustin Hoffman (Benjamin Braddock)Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson)Katharine Ross (Elaine Robinson)William Daniels (Mr. Braddock)Elizabeth Wilson (Mrs. Braddock)Brian Avery (Carl Smith)Walter Brooke (Mr. McGuire)Norman Fell (Mr. McCleery)Alice Ghostley (Mrs. Singleman)Marion Lorne (Miss DeWitte)SynopsisThe movie "The Graduate" directed by Mike Nichols is an anti-establishment film that tells the story about the coming of age of a young man named Benjamin Braddock played by Dustin Hoffman. Ben who recently graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree is confused about his future. He is pulled in numerous directions by his parents, ...view middle of the document...

Usually when a character is center, it is to draw attention to his impending actions or his power.Staging of the characters and props suggest a lack of human connection and intimacy. The proximity of Ben to other characters is constantly shifting. He floats in the pool, isolated-an island away from his parents. Then he climbs into bed, being touched by Mrs. Robinson, yet still mentally separated from the situation. Back to the pool, and in bed alone, in a living room alone-no matter where he goes or what happens, he is constantly apart, psychologically. Throughout the movie, he closes doors to separate himself from people. The settings of the bare hotel room, the empty pool, and Ben's bedroom again suggest hollowness and yearning. And though this leaves a large area for characters to interact, they continue to remain in their own domains.Also, these bare spaces would suggest openness and freedom, except that they are framed tightly. Little space is left, especially at the top and bottom of the frame. This causes a claustrophobic effect and suggests the confinement and suffocation of the damaging relationship, and of Ben's life in general. Vague, unbalanced frames allow the viewer to experience the confusion that Benjamin is feeling. The final effect is that Ben is caught between a rock and a hard place-a worthless, loveless life of educated snobbery, or an equally worthless one of leisure and excess.Photography'The Graduate' tells a realistic story, but the use of camera angles, different shots, lighting, and color create a surrealistic, stylized effect. The camera is effective at manipulating time and space, and in this sequence, catching Benjamin in a slow, dazed cycle.Camera angles are used in a very manipulative way in 'The Graduate.' For example, the bird's eye view of Ben floating in the pool stresses his isolation and uselessness. The camera also drops down to eye level to demonstrate the physical/psychological distance between Ben's "island" and his parents, who are on the far side of the pool. Many close-ups of Benjamin's face in these scenes illustrate his feelings, though false, of self-importance.Colors are important symbols in the movie. The director has chosen dark backgrounds so that no attention is drawn away from Benjamin. Beds, walls, even clothing is in muted colors. The only vibrant color is that of the swimming pool. Symbols of light and dark are shown by the use of black headboard...

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