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Film Studies Short Essay

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experienced man, with a lot of age, he knows what he is trying to accomplish by being the best ruler in all of Greece.

The role and function that I would have to play as an actor at the beginning of the play would be lawmaker, politician and military leader. Creon is all of these things because he needs to set a lot of laws that shall not be broken and to keep Greece a better place altogether, he is also in a form of a politician, he has a dream and a plan for what he wants to achieve and he wont stop until he has got what he wants. “The enemy can never be a friend, even in death” This line shows his authority and shows that he knows what he wants. I would say that when Creon says this line his voice would be demanding and loud to ...view middle of the document...

I would say that his build would be extraordinary in amazing ways because he is an older man that he to run this huge country, but he body is so strong his muscles and enormous for and older man, this shows his authority through his muscles and his brains and what he’s doing.

When he has certain lines to say and perform correctly, as an actor playing Creon at this part in the play, I would make sure I said all the lines with anger, but composed anger to show that I am in charge, “What say you? What man dared to do it?” This would be a perfect line to show his authority, he would say this line with controlled anger, to show that he is the boss of this organisation type business, and he understands what to do. His posture on this particular line would be straight and build showing his strength to the audience, in many different ways, his pace will have quickened because of the anger running through him, but I would still say that he would have controlled it to a certain deal because he must show his authority to his country and the audience but when he controls it shows that he is focused no matter, what or who angers him in any way.

Directorial suggestions that could be made to me as the actor playing Creon at this part of the performance would be a lot of different things to show that I mean business and I am not afraid of anything. Interaction with others and eye contact would show

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