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Film Review Commentary

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Film Review Commentary
My film review is intended for the target audience of adults aged 20-40 who are attracted to action, adventure and fantasy. My film review is written for a newspaper supplement such as the Guardian. This review targets a large amount of people as it is informative as well as entertaining, sarcastic and humorous.
The sarcastic and amusing remarks were made towards the controversial areas, where the audience were irritated or displeased by ‘The audience had to wait hours long for the actions to actually start!’ this was used to relate to the readers who were merely impressed by the love and action scenes. The sarcasm and humour relates to the audience throughout. It relates to the audience as this phrase has a deeper level of meaning and is only understood by the readers who were not impressed by the scenes of humour in the film. I used field specific language that focused on action: ‘frantic chases’, ...view middle of the document...

My style model helped me to design my piece. It helped me to develop ideas for the graphology as I aimed to make my piece look simple yet have an outstanding and unique ‘article’ look to it so the review would be more eye-catching and entertaining.
In addition, I collected information and facts about the movie to make the piece more appealing to the audience as this would make the film review seem more trustworthy ‘Andrew Garfield stars in the adventurous film and re-enacts Sam Raimi’s successful Film ‘Spider-man (2002)’. Furthermore, adding factual and declarative statements throughout the text made it more reliable and assisted my personal opinion of the movie as my opinion was supported with facts and knowledge about the film.
Pragmatics used in my film review contributes to the humorous and amusing aspect within my review. Additionally, ‘seems to have overused plot lines’, ‘weren’t at the edge of our seats enough’, ’uninteresting love scenes’ all of these help create a pragmatic understanding between myself and the audience that the film doesn’t deliver the same thrill, excitement or action like the other Spiderman films had and that the remake of the film has focused too much on the love scenes instead of the action. As the main purpose was to inform and entertain, the phrases often included humour and information. He often mocks the villain by calling him “sparkles”. This creates the humorous aspect of the film as someone is taunted and made fun of whilst in the middle of the action.
In my drafting process, I noticed that there was a wide range of expressions that were vague and made my text less factual as well as direct. Also, there was a lack of simplicity throughout the text ‘rendered in its high definition display quality,’ ‘doesn’t appear countless times’. I changed this by adding simpler, relatable and more understandable lexis for all audience to grasp ’has Spiderman lost all its action?’ Moreover, these techniques were also used for the audience to agree to my opinion of the movie and make to make it factual and believable. ‘What a douche!’, ’The uninteresting love scenes between the two actors were overdone and arguably the worst aspect about the film’.
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