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Film Industry In Viet Nam Essay

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Entertainment industry is very concerned to develop in many countries. Because it can bring superprofit to the government and contribute to introduce to the tourists about their history and culture .Today, while film industry of many countries in the world are more and more developing, Viet Nam is still backward. Compared with other ASIAN countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Philippines…,the investment of Viet Nam in film industry is very little and not concerned enough. The recent problems of the Ministry of Culture and Information ( MCI ) are how to stimulate industry film developing, and have proper policies with Viet Nam film makers and Foreigner film maker.
Previously, the film makers were almost stone-blind information about film policies. They didn’t know what they were allowed to do, what rights they had and what laws they had to comply with. It was very hard for them to buy and sell films, build cinema, offer advertising ...view middle of the document...

This is one of many proper policies that the MCI is willing to achieve.
Nowadays, almost domestic cinema market has been dominated for years by foreign films, especially Korean and HongKong films. The films they make are very attractive , emotional, they attract great beholders watching. It is difficult to realize that Vietnamese are more knowledgeable China history than VietNam history!!!. This is also experience for VietNam’s film makers try to win back the local cinema market. VietNam has taken part in 100 international film festivals , winning 21 gold and 10 silver prizes. In particular, VietNam’s cinema sector has gained recognition in the region with the documentaries, "Return to Ngu Thuy", "Violin sound in My Lai", "Mrs Nam Khung", "Countryside" and "Sandy Life" having been awarded first prizes at four consecutive Asia-Pacific film festivals from 1998 to 2001. It substantiates that Viet Nam’s film industry is not bad, and has a bright future.
Facilities and investment in film industry are still little. Viet Nam currently has 29 studios, 122 cinemas of them 30 are equipped with advanced facilities and 308 screening teams. Most of them were equipped before 1975.Each year the goernment contribute more than VND 10 billion( $666,670 ), which goes to producing around ten films, whereas a low budget American feature film might have a budget of $ 5 – 10 million!. The successful film “Gai nhay” ( Dancing girl ), which has attracted great audiences, the revenue also at around VND 250 million ( $16,667 ). This is still far from its investment of VND 1 billion ( $66,667 ). It raises a question that how VietNam’s film industry develop in these days. Beside that, the revenue tax on the cinema businness sector is a burden to film makers. They propose that the Government offer income tax relief to private film studios to help this fledgling industry develop.
Recent achivement of Viet Nam’s film industry combine with the proper policies of MCI will contribute a strong power to film makers make good films for VietNamese. Vietnam’s films are not only produced for VietNamese, but they will be exported for foreigners, contributing to introduce VietNam to other countries all over the world.

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