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Film Evaluation Essay

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Film evaluation
12 monkeys is a sci-fi (science fiction) classic movie directed by Terry Gilliam.
what is the central point of the film?
The storyline of the film, “12 Monkeys” is both an explicit plot as well as a hidden plot. This is because the ending of the movie is somewhat inconclusive leaving the audience guessing. The central point of the movie, however, is more explicit than it is hidden. The story is primarily about a convicted criminal, James Cole, who is sent on a mission to find useful information for a devastating virus that killed 99% of the whole of human population in the year 1996. The scientists of the year 2035 seem do have a hidden agenda throughout the film as it is ...view middle of the document...

It can be a good happy ending or a bad one. Some films have suspense as the ending, leaving film viewers guessing.
The Initial Setup
The film revolves around a human crisis in 1996 where a manmade deadly virus wipes out all but 1% of humanity. This confines the uninfected members of the human race to leaving underground as wild animals roam the deserted land. In a bid to save, the world, a convict named James Cole volunteers to travel back through time to find out the origin of the virus, which the scientists will use to make an antidote. The scientists suggest that the virus cannot be prevented and only focus on developing a cure. Questions linger over whether the scientists had a hidden agenda.
The film “12 Monkeys” is engrossed on a theme a hero, Cole in the ancient struggle of one person against dreadful conflicts and odds with the aim of saving the world from definite forthcoming obliteration of life of almost all of mankind. This film's hero has to be transported back thirty years in time to salvage the future of human race from a disastrous virus of unidentified origin. This deadly virus has eradicated 99% of the whole human race, leaving the survivors dwelling underground for their own protection from the virus. The theme, therefore, is a lays emphasis on the plot highly stressing on the final scene. Most parts of the movie illustrate this theme. In an ironically intense twist, for instance, James Cole ends up at the wrong time in the past after traveling through time to find information about the 12 monkeys that would help produce an antidote...

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