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Film Essay

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Film Essay

Antonia's Line (Marleen Gorris 1995)

This is a 1995 film revolves around Antonia who is the main character. It is a “feminist fairy tale” film. Antonio returns to her place of birth, a Dutch village and establishes a matriarchal community (Kooijman, pg 19). This film covers several themes including sex, intimacy, lesbianism, friendship, and love.

It is after World War II that Antonia, a widow and her daughter, Danielle decide to travel back to their home town. Antonia’s mother dies just after their arrival. Farmer Bas opts to offer a marriage request to Antonia, but she turns it down. However, she develops a romance relationship ...view middle of the document...

The film sets an example to current and future female writers and film director (Marleen, pg 34). Marleen focuses on various issues that affect women. For instance, sexuality is a theme that she portrays in her film. She portrays several instances whereby men molest women sexually. One day Danielle happens to be going into the barn when she sees one of Deedee’s brutish brothers sexually molesting her. She attacks him with a pitchfork thus helping Deedee.

Pitte rapes Therese once he returns to his home to claim his inheritance. These incidences reveal how men view women as tools of sexual pleasure. Marleen is against this as she tries to redeem women from this through her film. This is by creating characters like Antonia and Danielle. They fail to accept sexual harassment by standing for the oppressed. Danielle decides not to have a husband (Marleen, pg 36). This might be because she fears men. Marleen also shows her stand on lesbianism. Danielle falls in love at first sight with Ms. Anderson, Therese’s teacher. She eventually starts lesbian relationship with her. This does not bother the people around them. According to Marleen, the relationship is right.

Marleen also shows women independence. She illustrates that women can be independent with their lives. Antonia does not accept Farmer Bas’ marriage request, and opts to live by herself. Antonia is a widow, and she seems to like her independence more than anything else. Danielle, her daughter also follows her step by deciding not to have a husband. She seems to like her mother’s way of life (Marleen, pg 38). Therefore, she decides to get pregnant by a man that her mother takes her to in the city. This results to the Therese's birth. The family of women solely brings up Therese who eventually becomes highly intelligent.

The film illustrates how crucial it was for women to join the movie industry. It was necessary for them to air their views at that time to counter the problems they were facing. Gender inequality is a serious issue in most parts of the world. Therefore, the film industry can be an extremely valuable tool in fighting for women rights. Marleen gives a different point of view in making of films (Marleen, pg 39). Other than entertainment only, films can help in passing crucial messages to the society. The film gives an everyday reality of rural life, cheerful feminism, and uses exciting characters that clearly bring out the best in the film. Therefore, more film directors and writers would want to be like Marleen in their works. This would bring out change in how directors direct and write films.

Just like most women in the film industry, Marleen is against male violence. This is first evident just as the movie starts. It is through the ravings and rage of Antonia’s mother and her explanation to her daughter, Danielle that we know that her father was a dirty old man. The rage of Antonia’s mother has been there for over that years after her husband’s...

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