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Film Critique Love Actually Essay

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Film Title: Love Actually
Year of Release : 2003
Film Director: Richard Curtis
Film Length: 135 minutes
Interpersonal communication concepts: Non verbal communication, conflict resolution, communicating across different cultures.
Film Description: The theme of the film is that love is all around us. As Christmas approaches, we meet a loosely connected group of Londoners. They are an eclectic group, from the newly elected Prime Minister to a man mourning the loss of his wife to cancer on to a footloose young man who delivers sandwiches .We watch as some of these people form relationships, others find their ongoing relationships changing. Some are dealing with grief, others with family members, still others with pressures of new jobs. Love grows and we watch our characters move together or grow apart. The director skillfully weaves the lives of these people together as he moves the story along..Most of the plot lines move toward a joyful resolution. But, as in real life, ...view middle of the document...

Both Peter and Juliet have noticed how cool Mark is to Juliet. It bothers Peter because he wants his bride and his buddy to get along. Juliet is uncomfortable with Mark because she feels he dislikes her. 93% of emotional messages are non verbal. There follows a scene in which Juliet is viewing footage of the wedding that Mark shot. As she sees that most of the images are of just her; she realizes that Mark is in love with her, a beautifully portrayed scene.
Later Mark comes to their door and Juliet silently steps out to join him . He holds up a set of cards which silently explain that he will continue to love her but he will move along with his life. Her reaction and his both tell the tale that they will now be able to be friends.
Mark conveys a wealth of emotion, both that he indeed is in love with her and that he is horribly embarrassed to have been caught. Finally, his resignation and the shifting of his relationship with Juliet is all communicated silently and poignantly.

Discussion Question #2: Choose another set of characters in a developing or ongoing relationship and discuss how conflict arises, and how the characters deal with it?
Response to Discussion Question #2:
Harry and Karen have been married contentedly for many years with two children. Their relationship is settled. Mia, a new employee, comes on strongly to Harry, much to his discomfort. While nothing has happened yet, Harry purchases an expensive necklace for Mia, and a Joni Mitchell CD for his wife. Karen finds the necklace in his coat pocket and, assumes it is for her. So, when she opens the CD, she realizes that the necklace is going to someone else. Her world has just tilted on its axis and she has to hold it together in front of her kids. He realized how he has hurt her, even though nothing had happened.
The couple uses the conflict management style of avoidance. Their earlier level of ease and comfort with each other is gone. Because they have avoided dealing with the issue, they are tense and awkward with each other. You can see that it will be a long time before they can move beyond the problem.

Discussion Question #3: Some of the characters come from different cultures. Choose a character and discuss how they overcome or are stymied by the cultural differences.

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