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Film Critique Essay

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Critique: BTTF
Mathew Peppersack
ENG 225 Introduction to Film
Professor Ryan Ogrodnik
March 2, 2015

Critique: BTTF
To critique a film is to analyze the substance of what makes up the movie. The story and its plot, characters, technical choices for scenes, and the overall production that the film shown to give the audience a final product. The number of people who visited the movie theater to watch it does not determine greatness of the film; or the amount of money the movie studio made after the budget was settled. A movie is great if it reached a large percentage of the population and that population determined through criticism and good reviews that the movie is worthy to be ...view middle of the document...

He is also responsible for the how the camera captures the images and the angles of photography. The shot of the scene, whether it is a full shot of all of the scene or a long shot; a close shot of the actors and or objects leaving some things out of the scene but draws our attention to one portion of it, which is a medium shot. Another view is the extreme close-up or close up of an actor or object that the director wants the audience to notice.
Back to the Future is a blockbuster movie; it had a budget of $19,000,000 back in 1985. That translates to $41,267,964.68 in 2015 with todays inflation rate of 117.2%. According to Box Office Mojo, it was the highest grossing film in 1985 with $210,609,762. The second place film, Rambo: First Blood Part II, grossed $150,415,432 that year. So with difference of $60 million I would say that Back to the Future was a blockbuster movie. Out of the top ten highest grossing films of 1985, the only other Sci-Fi film was Cocoon and it made $34 million less than Back to the Future.
Back to the Future falls into the Science Fiction, or Sci-Fi, genre of films. This genre defines films that are about the future or alternate realities, often but not always set in space, and frequently incorporate horror elements. It is a subgenre of fantasy films a very popular among fans. The IMDb also classifies Back to the Future in the Adventure and Comedy genres along with Sci-Fi. I would agree with their classification, there are elements of comedy with the dialogue between characters. The action sequences are telling the story of Marty’s adventure through out the film.
The story of Back to the Future tells about a teenage boy, Marty, who is an aspiring musician. His best friend is older man who is the town’s nut job but a scientist, Dr. Brown or “Doc”. Marty helps Doc with the first test of his time machine he built from a Delorean motorcar. After the first test, a terrorist shows up at the test site and Marty and Doc have to elude them. The Doc gets assassinated and Marty has to escape before he is killed too. Marty jumps into the Delorean and attempts to outrun the terrorist. In his attempt to out run them, Marty forgets Doc’s previous statement that the Delorean has to reach 88 mph to complete the time travel sequence of adding plutonium, setting the time circuits, and accelerating the car to 88 mph. A famous line from the movie is during the chase when Marty states “Lets see if you bastards can do 90!” Its not until the car reaches around 85 mph that Marty realizes what is about to happen and you can see his expression on his face that he is bracing himself for time travel.
After Marty’s arrival to 1955 he seeks out the younger Doc to help him get back to the future. But before he finds the Doc he runs into the teenage versions of his parents and interrupts their initial meeting causing his brother, sister, and himself to be erased from existence. The scene of him getting hit by a car that is driven by Loraine’s...

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