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Film And Music Essay

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So what is music? Well in a sense every sound produced from clapping two hands to slapping a person is music; The more recognized pundits define it as an arrangement of sounds in a pleasing sequence or combination to be sung; or played on instruments.
Well who cares about music in a prolonged sense- music are something universal, something unique, and ...view middle of the document...

Its like a web you have been caught in, a web of music, a web in which where ever you go you find music, music to touch your heart, to take you, in a sense, under its control.
And why not- music tames the wildest beasts- even the critics have no answer to that
Music is of many types- rock, jazz, classical raga, pop, flat, country, chamber, folk- yes folk is there too. Every community has some sort of traditional music to suit their rhythm. Then there is classical music that portrays the life's culture and tradition, rock music that tends to shake you up, and several other types of music that are all a pure bliss to the soul.
Music has very deep roots in the history of humankind. It is as ancient as verbal language. Man produced various sounds- frightening of course- to scare off the savage beasts of the wild. He soon enough learnt that striking of stones produces sound, the gush of the falling water gives sound, animals and birds produce sound and even lightning with rainstorm produces sound.

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