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Film Analysis : The Queen

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Film Analysis1.Title : The Queen2.Producer: Francois Ivernel, Cameron McCracken, Scott Rudin3.Setting--3.1Date : 1997--3.2Place : Britain4.Characters--4.1Main----4.1.1Queen Elizabeth----4.1.2Tony Blair4.2Minor----4.2.1Princess Diana----4.2.2Alastair Campbell----4.2.3People of the nation5.SummaryThe film begins on the 1997 Britain elections on which Tony Blair was showed as the United Kingdom's first Labour Party Prime Minister in 18 years. The Queen then questions a photographer on who are allowed to vote. The queen is named Queen Elizabeth on which he has somewhat of a doubt on Tony Blair.A few months later, Princess Diana was found dead on a car accident. Blair then makes a public ...view middle of the document...

This idea was by Blair.Blair wants to save the Queen from themselves. But he respects the queen. After days of building pressure, Blair calls the Queen at Balmoral and urgently recommends a course of action he believes is needed to retain (or regain) the public's confidence in the Monarchy. These measures include attending a public funeral for Diana at Westminster Abbey, flying a Union Flag at half mast over Buckingham Palace (a step without precedent in four centuries of royal protocol), and speaking to the nation about Diana's legacy in a live, televised address from the Palace.In a scene, the queen's car broke down. She saw a deer which made her remembered about the deer somewhat close to her that had been killed by a neighbor hunter. She remembered that she had still showed sympathy to it even though it does no have a connection with her.Not long, the queen goes back to London and speaks about Diana in television.6. Good trait shown-The good trait showed by Queen Elizabeth was her opening her mind to new ideas. One should not be concentrating on his/her own as I learned from Plato's idea of "the cave".7. What's Tony Blair's distinctive trait?-Tony Blair fought for what he wants in a patient way. He fought for what he thinks is right and right for the many. He had shown combined ethical egoism.8.The sympathy on Diana's death was a proof of how people love the princess. It was quite exaggerating but was a proof of how a good leader could be loved by many.9.I evaluate the film as A|. The film showed values and virtues that could be learned by any audience. It will help people to be a better and productive person.

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