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File Management Essay

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File Management
POS 355
30 September 2013
Paul Rouk

File Management
According to Stallings (2012), “In most applications, the file is the central element.” A large number of UNIX operating systems are established on file access control. Unfortunately, permissions for both read and write cannot be assigned to only a certain number of users on the access control list (ACL). Suppose a system that must support 5,000 users was needed but only 4,990 are required to access one file, this would result in need for two user groups to be created, one group with read only permissions and another group for read and write permissions. Before implementing this protection scheme, a basic ...view middle of the document...

The root must first log in and then create the group. The command mkgroup candle will create the group named candle. To create a user within the group candle, the command mkuser votive must be executed. This creates the user votive. To make the user part of the group candle, the superuser root must execute the command: mkuser pgrp=candle home=home/home/candle. This establishes that the user_votive belongs to the primary group candle and the home directory for user_votive is the same home directory as the group candle. I believe in order to add more users to the group; each user must be added individually. Once the users have been added to the group and permissions have been set for each individual of the group by using sefacl –m user:user:rw- CandleDirectory, the permissions for the group ID and the ACL can be established.
Permissions can be added to the directory of files that the group will use by using the setfacl command. According to, Rob Henderson (2010), To set the permissions for the ACL for this directory, the...

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