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Fighting Criminal With Modern Technology Essay

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I remember as a child there was a cartoon that was introduced and it was called the Jetson’s. This television program was a glimpse into our future and we did not know it. There was a telephone on the program when in use you would be able to see the person with whom you were speaking. Wow, we can use this feature now. At this point you may be wondering why I brought this cartoon into this paper, but sitting in front of the computer writing this paper it came to my remembrance.

“East Orange is Leading the Way in Crime-Fighting Technology,” this title that was published in the Star Ledger which is a local newspaper. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in the City of East ...view middle of the document...

Sure they would arrest people and some were getting off with a slap on the wrist while some of the others would get some time. The leaders could afford to pay the fines that were levied on them and any of their other soldiers. They were involved in a very lucrative business. Prison or jail was like a revolving door.

The citizens of this city placed a demand on the Mayor and the City Council we were tired of living that way. We felt that we were the prisoners. The Mayor realized that our current system was not effective. He placed an ad that ran in the papers nationwide. This search actually came to an end six months after it was placed and hence they hired Jose Cordero who was the former Director of the New York City Police Department.

Jose is the wizard of technology. He brought to my City every technology that you could imagine. If they make it we have it. We have a program called Compstat; a program that he designed, this is a study that lets our Police Department know where they have to concentrate their efforts. We also have cameras all over the City not only to show the cars as they cross a red light or commit a traffic or moving violation. Our cameras also detect crimes. These cameras report back to our crime dashboard this is a system that updates every 30 minutes it is also called the real time crime prevention center. The cameras are connected to sensors these are programmed and actually before a crime can unfold it has it reported. For example, if a car passes Grove Street, (a city street in East Orange), coming or going in or out of the City and your license or registration has expired it will register with the cameras and then the sensors will tell the police department exactly where you went with the car. Depending on the infraction will determine whether the police will be there with a ticket or a tow truck. It is amazing. The concert of the surveillance cameras and their sensors can also spot crime in the process and or potential crimes about to be committed.

Years ago Police Officer would have to bring you back to the station to make out a report. Now because of the technology we have the report at the station even before the criminal is there.

We have smart sensors data stream, License plate recognitions cameras, Gun shot detectors and an IP Based Surveillance Cameras, Virtual Patrol monitors.


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