Fighting Crime With The Help Of Biometric Technology

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Fighting Crime with the Help of Biometric Technology

Biometric solutions can be used by companies for verification and identification purposes, using a host of physiological and behavioural characteristics that are unique to an individual. However, in order to be foolproof, this system of identification and verification must be reliable, convenient, universal and acceptable at all times.

A security system based on Biometrics comprises of Physiological traits and Behavioural traits, fed into a system that allows for verification and identification in a hassle free environment. A biometric system based on Physiological traits comprises of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. On the other hand Behavioural biometrics relies on writing style, typing style and walking rhythm and so on. Whatever the method used, it is true that Biometric systems are being increasingly used by private bodies and governmental ...view middle of the document...

The Automated fingerprint identification system can be integrated into the Justice and Law enforcement system, enhancing capabilities and providing for an automated system of prison booking, crime scene identification and national identity programs.

Automated fingerprint identifier can be used effectively to shorten the booking process, as the digital prints can be taken at the scene of the crime itself and cross-checked against multiple databases within a matter of hours. Crime fighting agencies across boundaries are resorting to this method in order to cut costs and time.

Biometric technology to be used to check immigration violators in the US

Biometric technology is being used to single out immigration violators and deporting them to their home country. Broward county jail has taken a lead in implementing this new technology in order to make sure that illegal immigrants with a prison record are sent back to their home country after serving their prison sentence in the United States.

In order to make this system foolproof each inmate of the Broward County jail undergoes a fingerprinting identification process and the information is later shared with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). Prior to the implementation of this technology many inmates were able to slip past the agency because of the inefficiencies of the manual system. However, that is no longer possible now as the ICE will be hooked up with the Broward County jail.

This is bad news for several inmates of the Broward County Jail. One of them, Robert McCray, arrested for attempted murder, will find the immigration authorities waiting for him once he has completed his prison term as he had violated immigration laws earlier. Thanks to the durability of this system, criminals like McCray will be deported to their homeland at the completion of their sentence, reducing unnecessary burden on homeland security and the taxpayers.

This programme has been used successfully to catch illegal migrants in the state of Broward. More than 1100 illegal migrants have been rounded off in the state alone. Similar programs are also running successfully in the counties of Miami Dade, Palm Beach and Monroe.

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