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Fightin To The End Essay

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Fighting to the End

It was a sunny hot day in Africa the year of 1968; Bomani was a slave for almost about 5 years. His job as a slave was to search for gold in the river. The camp looked like a dump and was filled with blood. Around the camp was the forest. There was something different that day, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. That day was the day that would change his life forever and make him who he always wanted to be.
It was early morning, all prisoners were gathered together along a stage ware humans get slaughtered. A man named Bevaun was one of the ...view middle of the document...

They only had a few minutes to make a plan before they got loaded up in the truck. The bell rung for prisoners to get lined up; the group had their plan ready for action. The only bad news they had was the fact that they had 5 people to commit a suicidal mission. Once the truck stopped near the river they got into position. They had chosen the right day for their plan since the river was filled with prisoners that looked as if a school of fish was in a fish tank, normally there were about a few of them with the same amount of guards. The group of men who were going to escape was located near a bushy area with two heavily armed guards near them. The other five were located across the river. Once they gave the signal the five men ran towards the three guards and started beating them. A whole army including the guards near the group ran towards the five men. All forty-five managed to run away in different directions thinking they are getting chased by hungry lions. The other men managed to get their hands on firearms. They started to hear gun fire go off in a distance. Bullets were flying to their direction and nearly hitting Bomani. The forest was filled with flying bullets. They started to hear trucks around them as if sharks where circling around a helpless animal. They started to hear people screaming out their lungs “They are escaping, the prisoners are escaping, kill them all!” Bonami’s heart was trying to escape out of his bloody chest.
Bomani had soon managed to escape with ten other survivalist including Baraka who ended up following him. As for the others, no one knew if they manage to escape. Bomani’s groups have been running for about three to four hours. Bomani was a mad dog shaking as a result of long hours of running and panicking. Thirty minutes had past; they end up finding two more people from freedom fighters.
“Bonami, Bonami”, Screamed a man as he tried to catch his breath.

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