Fight The Power Essay

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Jessica Ibarra
Professor Michael A. Behrens
CINE 102
2 December 2013
Fight the Power
Do the Right Thing directed by Spike Lee is a film centered on a series of subplots rather than one main plot. The characters each have their own narrative and helps give the movie substance. Although the conflict did not reveal itself until the movie nears the end, the personalities of the characters became evident through their use of language and body language. The attitudes of the characters became clear, as well as their actions which became almost predictable; what was not predictable was the sudden change of energy during the inciting incidence. When the riot occurs, we wonder how it built up to ...view middle of the document...

” If he were to end the situation peacefully in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, the viewer cannot help but question what difference the outcome would take, positive or negative. If Lee decided to show the side of love in Sal’s pizza parlor instead of hate, we have to question if tolerance or ignorance would take place. The fight for power simply became more desirable than the fight for peace; to make a stand meant more to Radio Raheem and Buggin Out than to receive no acknowledgement and to be ignored.
In an article titled “Spike Lee Inflames the Critics with a Film He Swears is the Right Thing” by James S. Kunen, he states that Lee explains, "’The critics are focusing on the burning of the pizzeria, and nobody ever mentions the death of Radio Raheem because to them Sal's property is more important than another death of a young black kid, another black 'hoodlum.'" The truth that shows no moral support towards the African American culture reveals how the critics, who were interestingly Caucasian, do not identify with Radio Raheem and Buggin Out, which, in turn, applies...

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