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Field Of Medicine Essay

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One among the fields that have profited from the rapid technological progress in the previous centuries is the field of medicine. Conditions and Diseases that scientists had trouble in understanding and curing are now cured successfully and with virtual ease. More people as well as the incurably-ill now survive longer than before. Development in the global population has been distinguished in the 20th century. The old and young population has increased pressure on medical care resources internationally with the intention that no nation is currently capable to compete with the demand for medical -care and its supply. Scientists hence are under growing pressure to extend fresh ...view middle of the document...

This means that the Quality of sample that is, acquiring the right form of specimen is essential to attaining accurate results. In contrast to central laboratory testing, it is obvious that the dependability of POCT is not as reliable owing to three different reasons. These include personnel, environment, and devices (1).
In a central laboratory setting, the tests are carried out by competent laboratory personnel who have sufficient abilities to carry out any kind of examination necessary on any given sample. From this reason, there is a great chance that the performance of central laboratory testing is more reliable (13). Looking at POCT, the personnel are usually of non laboratory origin. It is usually performed by nurses who may have little or no laboratory experience. Therefore, the procedure though basic could be undermined and thus less reliability. From different readings, mistakes made by such employees can be observed in sample anthology wherein heamolysis can be realized in whole blood samples in form of ruptured red cells throughout specimen collection thus causing augmented potassium and other analytes in the samples thus false results and less reliability(22).
Another issue that can be related to personnel and touches on reliability of the performance of POCT is giving an Additional task to a non laboratory staff who is already busy with his or her work. Therefore, these practitioners may not enthusiastically carry out the extra work that involves assessing patient samples on top of quality control and official procedures. Consequently there might be deficiency in audit trails or traceability. When specimens are examined inside the laboratory setting, usually an auditing tried-and-true system is already in position (3). However, with POCT, it falls to a full of activity nursing personnel to preserve an audit follow up of their outcomes and to preserve precise daily maintenance records, quality control, troubleshooting and operator and patient ID. This adversely affects the reliability of POCT as compared to Central laboratory.
Direct comparison of POCT and central laboratory results and possible reasons for discrepancies results
It should be noted the results of POCT and central laboratory are most likely to be different. Therefore direct comparison of the results could cause a difference in the interpretation of the results. For instance, on a study conducted by (4), a constant disparity between central laboratory results and POCT results for regular electrolytes was observed. This was hypothesized to be owing to the conflicting volume ratios of the anticoagulant applied to patient specimen employed in POCT mechanisms against that employed in central laboratory examinations. On the Other hand, this does not completely explicate the disparities in dimensions linking both methodologies (23-25). When central laboratory testing residual plasma was assayed via the POCT methods, these disparities still lingered. This may...

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