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Field Of Bull Essay

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“Field of Bull”
Realism is all about showing the truth. A realist will try to defend the assumptions that their film ideas are not influenced, but are a true mirror of the actual world. We rarely notice the style in a realistic movie; they often aim for a gritty look, with the idea that if it’s too pretty, it’s false. Their films are about everyday people and everyday situations. At the opposite side of realism, we have Formalism. Formalist directors have no desire to show reality. They want to show their personal vision of the world and how they want their audience to view it. They are concerned with mythical and spiritual truths that can best be represented by distorting the image of ...view middle of the document...

Despite not being a movie entirely about baseball, Bull Durham has some of the most realistic baseball game play in films. This doesn’t come to my surprise considering the director spent a substantial amount of time in the minors himself; so he knows what it really is like to play there. The shots of batters facing Laloosh pitching with their present thoughts used as the voiceover is far more realistic than anything I’ve ever seen during games in baseball movies. Another realistic part of the movie is when you see the pitch coming in to the plate from the batters perspective. Ron Shelton did a great job in really showing how quick a batter has to be to react to a heater rushing to the plate. Being a former baseball player I also was able to pick up on a lot of baseball realism such as that “you should never punch a man with your pitching hand,”(Bull Durham Ron Shelton) and that “you’ll never make it to the Major Leagues with fungus on your shower shoes.” (Bull Durham Ron Shelton)

Field of Dreams at first may not seem like Phil Alden Robinson was trying to take a realism approach in filming, but in truth I actually picked out a lot of iconic realism during the movie. Aside from all the ghosts and spirituality you must inherit while watching the movie Ray Kinsella had a typical Iowa farmer lifestyle, with a typical family going through realistic problems that any other family may go through. The iconic realism I took from Field of Dreams was the spiritual baseball field built on an Iowan cornfield and how it connected with the sport of baseball. The realism is the actual green grass, the restriction of the field, which was the edge of the cornfield and the players, who were the real Chicago Black Sox, a team which had gone through a series of conspiracies during there greatest season. And we soon begin to learn that Ray’s true reason in building that field was not to have the Black Sox play on that field, but to once again have a catch with his father. Ray built that field in a very unlikely and hurtful spot for his financial situation, from a realistic understanding of his fathers passion, which was baseball, and maybe one day, be able to play with him once again.

Field of Dreams is also a great formalistic example of how baseball and faith can ultimately make your dreams come true. In the movie Ray Kinsella has an enduring love for the game of baseball. Baseball plays the theme of religion in the story (Wood 57) Instead of voices telling him to build churches he is told to build the field. “A ballpark at night is more like a church then a church”. (Wood 57) The field's magic inspires and changes each person that comes and witnesses it. Each person finds tranquility and peace that witness the dreamlike heaven on earth field.

Ray's mission to complete his baseball field and follow the voice's directions leads him to an isolated writer JD Salinger, and a young baseball player Moonlight Graham. Ray soon figures out that his dreams of having...

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