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Field And Flux Essay

778 words - 4 pages

Magnetic Field & Flux: Ampere’s Law & Faraday’s Law
Physics 204, Yaverbaum John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the CUNY (The following consists of 4 problems)

I. A long coaxial cable, a section of which is shown above, consists of a solid cylindrical conductor of radius a, surrounded by a hollow coaxial conductor of inner radius b and outer radius c. The two conductors each carry a uniformly distributed current I, but in opposite directions. The current is to the right in the outer cylinder and to the left in the inner cylinder. Assume µ = µo for all materials in this problem. a. Use Ampere's law to determine the magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance r from the axis of the ...view middle of the document...

The long solenoid shown in the left-hand figure above has radius r1 and n turns of wire per unit length, and it carries a current i. The magnetic field outside the solenoid is negligible. a. Apply Ampere's law using the path abcda indicated in the cross section shown in the righthand figure above to derive an expression for the magnitude of the magnetic field B near the center of the solenoid: This path is A SQUARE HALF IN, HALF OUTSIDE OF THE SOLENOID. a, b, c and d are vertices of this square. The path walks around the vertices counter-clockwise.

A loop of radius r2 is then placed at the center of the solenoid, so that the plane of the loop is perpendicular to the axis of the solenoid, as shown above. The current in the solenoid is decreased at a steady rate from i to zero in time t. In terms of the given quantities and fundamental constants, determine: b. The emf induced in the loop. c. The magnitude of the induced electric field at a point in the loop. The loop is now removed and another loop of radius r3 is...

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