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Fictional Story Written On Giver Essay

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"Come on, what are you waiting for," the voice boomed in my head as I watched the maintenance vehicle go by."Coming," I murmured feeling embarrassed and out of place. Lately I had questioned parts of our community wondering why they had to be that way. Noticing my best friend Ryan still looking at me I remembered the customary response. "I apologize for making you wait," I sullenly said."I accept your apology," he replied savoring the words but still without meaning. Instructors in school we had taught us precision of speech, but that didn't seem adequate training for a career. In one more week was the Ceremony of Twelves and a profession would be chosen for me. I knew I wouldn?t like the career I was assigned, but had no idea what I wanted.Waking up from my daydreaming fast enough so Ryan didn't notice I followed him on my bike. "Where should we spend our volunteer hours" Ryan ...view middle of the document...

"Hello David, where do you need help,? asked Ryan making sure he didn't say an unnecessary word and used precision."Go down the hall and enter the first door on the left," answered the secretary politely. Occasionally I had worked here in the past and I knew what to do. The sight of blood always made me nervous, but I made myself come back to stop my fear. Also, nobody else apparently had this feeling or any fear and I didn?t want to bring attention to myself.We entered the correct door and found the doctor, an aging man who would soon move to the house of the old. "Sorry I don?t have a use for you today," he informed else.In unison we answered, "I accept your apology," and we walked off without an explanation, though I wanted to know why he didn't need us."See you tomorrow," Ryan said when we parted on the way home. After saying bye I parked my bike and entered the house."Sit down," ordered my mother as I entered the house. My parents and younger brother were sitting down for dinner and I quickly joined them. "John, will you share your feelings first," she said.?Today I was confused. I don?t understand why the community has to always function in the same way and why we can?t make choices.?The stunned look on my parents face stopped me from elaborating. I knew questioning was a large offense but I thought I was supposed to share my feelings and opinions with my family unit. In haste I left the table and went to my room regardless of the consequences. Lying down on my bed I felt so frustration in myself for telling my family my opinions. The loudspeakers suddenly started up, "Number twenty-three of the elevens come to the Rehabilitation Center". That was my number; I knew it wasn't a mistake. When I was a three I could remember the same thing happening: I was to be Released.I was to be sent out of the community. My name would be sung over and over throughout the day, softer and softer, until it was gone. In the records I would be remembered as number twenty-three. Below that the cause of release would be written- questioning of community.

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