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Fictional History Essay

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Adolf Hitler; a name of pure evil, known to be one of the world’s most feared villains of all time. A name that shows how powerful, dark, and despicable one human can be. Leaving one of the biggest marks in history, Hitler cloned an entire country and killed over six million men, women, and children in his attempt to make a “perfect world.” He deemed the Jewish people as “inferior” and did everything in his power to destroy them. But what could possibly lead a man to do such heinous crimes? What could drive a man to kill millions? What were the motivations behind Adolf Hitler?
On September 12th, an all-American force stormed and captured German trenches close to Verdun. The Allies were in ...view middle of the document...

Partially blinded in a mustard gas attack only a month ago, all the young man could do was sit there on his bed side and weep as his country crumbled around him. He felt belittled and lost, but the world would soon come to learn his name. Adolf Hitler.
After the war, German soldiers returned home with the hope to leave the headache and hardship of fighting behind them. But they only returned home to find themselves unemployed, hungry and some homeless. Germany was in need of a leader. Things would only get worse for the German people. Wall Street crashed which affected Germany’s economy especially since it was constructed on foreign capital and they depended on America for foreign trade and loans. When the German’s loans were due and their exports dried out, it brought the well-oiled German industrial machine to a grinding standstill.
This proved to be an incisive blow to the infrastructure of Germany’s economy. Productions levels fell rapidly, workers were laid off, savings accounts were wiped out instantly. Germany was in a great depression. Poverty and despondency pushed its people to look for any solution. January 1933 a purported solution was given to the German people.
A party known by the name of “Nazi” (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) was created by Anton Drexler Deustche as a way to pull workers away from communism. Run by one of the most brilliant politicians of his time, Adolf Hitler was determined and steadfast to get his country back in order. As he seemed like a hero at the time to the German people, Hitler had much more in store for his country than they expected. Recruited by Drexler in 1919, his speeches influenced many, radicalizing people along his way up in rank. Hitler was a great manipulator and soon had almost hypnotized the entire country.

Once in power, the Nazis set about transforming their country into a reflection of their own crooked image. Radio, cinema, newspapers and magazines pumped out an endless stream of Nazi propaganda. Rallies and torch lit parades were held to reinforce their message – which could be summed up by three main points, made plain in Hitler’s political testament, Mein Kampf. “The Jews were the enemy of mankind, and should be destroyed. Communism too, should be eradicated.
The Aryan race (people of pure German blood), led by Hitler should conquer and enslave the Slavs of Eastern Europe and Russia.” – Mein Kampf. The Nazis solved Germany’s unemployment problem with ambitious public construction projects – grand new government buildings and a motorway system were built. Women were forced out of jobs and replaced by men. New jobs were created in armaments factories and in armed forces. By 1939 Germany was a prosperous and formidably- armed country.
At the very heart of the Nazi policy was a deeply-felt hatred of Jews. As soon as the Nazis came to power, Jews were expelled from government and university jobs. Jewish shops were raided, and Jews were bullied and humiliated in...

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