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Fiction Vs. Non Fiction Boundaries Essay

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Fiction vs. Non-fiction Boundaries

Blurring the boundaries between Fiction and Non-Fiction has always been a great way for authors to make their points, yield their arguments, and to keep interest. Some may even be inclined to believe that there is not a definite boundary between the areas of fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is often used throughout non-fiction writings as more of a point of view than a character in itself. This voice is not exactly a character in the text, but it still exercises an attitude toward the material to help control the writing.

     “Lola,” by Truman Capote is a great instance where these boundaries are so well mixed, that it becomes hard to tell the ...view middle of the document...

He is actually giving human characteristics to these animals where the dog “decides” and the bird begins to “swear”. Capote does not actually know what these animals are thinking so this is a perfect example of fiction controlling the tempo throughout a non-fiction writing.

     The structure of “Lola” relates strongly to the structure of a fiction story. It includes an introduction, middle, climax, and ending. Similar to fiction, there are many events and foreshadowing all through the story. “Lola’s misconception was certain to end in tragedy: the doom that awaits all of us who reject our own natures and insist on being something else than ourselves.” This sentence foreshadows the doom of Lola, something that you usually do not find in non-fiction accounts. There are many different events that lead up to the climax, but in the end, Lola ends up falling of a balcony and becoming lost forever. This is a rarity in most non-fiction stories because they mostly refer to fact and history rather than trying to hold the readers attention through the entirety of the story. However, this story does include non-fiction structure as well. It is based on chronically events like most non-fiction works and does include many intricate descriptions of the characters themselves and the events that are being described.

     “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is yet another non-fiction account that incorporates fiction into the story. The author includes fictional events to throw the reader off of the original story. It starts out as a classic non-fiction writing where the events are unfolding in succession and there is not much action to the story, mainly description. This is also an example of when the voice is not exactly a character in the text, but it still exercises an attitude toward the material to help control the writing. The reader never really figures out who the author really is and how he knows everything that is taking place throughout the story. The author must be there but he is not exactly a person who is walking with the prisoner. Everything is purely non-fiction up to the point where the prisoner is falling and the rope tightens around his neck. The story then jump to a flashback of his life and family, bet when the story returns, the prisoner is having a vision or an image or himself. The only thing is that the reader does not know that this part of the story is fiction until he or she gets to the end of the account. The prisoner imagines himself escaping, of course, this is purely fiction placed strategically right into the middle of a non-fiction story. This is just a trick that the author uses to hold the readers attention and interact the events of fiction and no-fiction. Without this fictional event, the story would be boring and uneventful. Therefore, the including of fiction throughout non-fiction helps to make the writers points and to hold the interest of the reader.

     Hiroshima, by John Hersey is yet another non-fiction...

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