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Fiction Essay

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When I read both these short stories , my initial thought was that these have
Little in common. Wolfe’s story “Child by Tiger ‘ takes place in the early 20th
Century , and so does Connell’s but ...view middle of the document...

Mongrels, a thoroughbred’s horse or a good
Hound is worth more than a score of them. “He justifies the use of hunting them
by their race or occupation to devalue their lives.. Equating their lives to be worth
Less than a good horse... or a dog. The racism in “the Child by Tiger ‘is not quite
so simple, the word “nigger” is all through the story . It’s use along with the word
Negro is used to separate black people from white. One thing to note within the
story , its only after Dick Prosser begins his rampage that the use of the term
“nigger “ is bantered about as if it were a term of endearment. This singles out
Dick Prosser for his actions, not his race as the contributing factor for him to be
In both stories the impression that I am left with is people aren’t always who we
Think they are! The stories introduce both antagonists in a favorable manor. In the
opening lines of “Child by Tiger’ Prosser is idolized by the young boys in the story
. The protagonist Mister Shepperton says “ Its seemed to us boys there was little
That Dick Prosser could not do.’ “ He could shoot, he taught us to box , to play
Football. “He spent time with them , and they liked him for it. The same is true
In Connell’s story , when General Zaroff is introduced he is described as cultured
Aristocratic. He offers Rainsford food clothing and shelter , he even waits for
Rainsford so they can eat together. First...

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