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Fiance Essay

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Thus , we can have 3 major groups: Service Industries, R&D Investments, and Consumer or Retail Based.

Service Industries
* Temporary staffing agency
* hotel and
* airline
The balance sheets of C, D, I & J follow similar trends.
Eliminate J since it has a high R&D component which is unlike any of the indicated service industries.
=>Service industry: C, D, I
R&D Based Firms
Software, On-Line Retailing, Pharmaceutical and Communication Equipment. Financial statement of A, F, G & J shows similar trends.
Rest all fall in the category of Consumer or Retail Based.


1.Innovation is extremely important in the software industry and it requires investments. ...view middle of the document...

Because it is a service industry, there is no Inventory and R&D is not necessary so they are 0. A high Asset Turnover: 4.130

B.Supermarket grocery retailer
Because there is no indication of the store locations, this could be very similar with the warehouse clubs. However, due to the retailing sizes that are sold in supermarkets, the inventory are supposed to be much lower than warehouse clubs. 

Supermarket grocery retailer v.s. H. Warehouse club for food and general merchandise They are very similar industry with high net plant &equipment and zero unearned revenue, but the inventory is higher for warehouse club because they keep wholesale quantities of products. Compared with supermarket grocery retailers, their gross margin is lower but net profit margin is higher. 

C.International hotel chain
Like the online retailer, this industry must have higher goodwill and intangibles. Also, hotels do not have inventory needs as much as other industries but obtain high NP&E. 
C. International hotel chain
International hotel chain mainly provides services and rooms for people, so the inventory is very low and negligible. And money is collected from credit cards after people leave the hotel, so there is no unearned revenue. The major assets are buildings, so the net plant& equipment is high.
C remains as the hotel which has high goodwill due to industry consolidation activities wherein other hotel firms are acquired at a premium relative to book value.

D.Major passenger airline
Due to the industry’s high possession of aircrafts and repairing houses, its NP&E must be higher than all other industries. Also, the industry has higher unearned revenue because the revenue remains unearned until the moment the aircrafts land. 
D. Major passenger airline
The net plant & equipment is high because Major passenger airlines have many planes as their major assets to carry passengers and make profits. The unearned revenue is high because people usually book their tickets and pay before they complete their journey.
D is likely to be the airline since it has high unearned revenue which reflects the prepaid tickets purchased for future air travel. It also has some Accounts Payable which partially reflects those frequent flier miles we all accumulate.

E.Manufacturer and marketer of consumer products
This industry will have high NP&E(9.9%) and low R&D since there is no need to research in anything. 

G.Manufacturer of electronic communications equipment
This industry has high days of receivables(60) due to a project of manufacturing equipment may take very long to be done and is complicated while its R&D is high(11.1%).
G is the communication equipment firm since it has the lower profit margin and longer accounts receivable typical of a firm successfully bidding for government contracts.

H.Warehouse club for food and general merchandise
As mentioned in section B, the warehouse clubs should have much larger inventories than the...

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