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Festival And Event Essay

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1. Abstract
With acknowledgment of the tourism noteworthiness of developing countries like Thailand, this paper looks to discover out what kind of event the Songkran celebration is. It will likewise be surveying the Songkran celebration's sustainability as a special event. The paper propose that the positive economy impacts exceed the other two mainstays of triple bottom line as a system of sustainability.
2. Introduction
In Thailand, Songkran, otherwise called Thailand's water celebration is a hallmark event held every year to stamp the convention Thai new year’s (Getz, 2012), a tradition event is known not a specific hugeness, as respects to customs, advances , level of value or ...view middle of the document...

Many Thai spend the holiday by spending quality time with families and friends. This is the time for the family to get together, thousands of people from the city will travel back to their hometown for a family reunion, temple visit or to celebrate Songkran splendour at their province. (Jimmy, 2014) Today this tradition is supplanted by a water fight. Despite the fact that the Songkran celebration is hung on April, 13, it is thought to be a New Year's Day. On that day the larger part of families in Thailand visit sanctuaries and "sprinkle water on Buddha image in veneration, and after that sprinkle water on each other's hands as a demonstration of wishing good fortunes (Bhaskar, 2009).
3. Literature Review
Many academic researches had place focus on many forms of event tourism and management identifying the Songkran festival as a cultural event. To investigate the Songkran celebration, it is imperative to characterize the terms event, event management and special event. This paper will comprehend order of events and figure out what sort of event the Songkran celebration is.
3.1 Definition of event
As per Donald Getz, event is an event at a given place and time (2012). By definition, event have a starting and an end. In spite of the fact that event are thought to be the alleged "temporal phenomena", they require the fitting event program or timetable, which is arranged in points of interest, and generally advertised ahead of time. Every single arranged event are held at a specific place or places (Getz, 2012).
3.2 Definition of special event and Characteristics
Today special event industry holds a main position in the aggressive market, and requires proficient qualifications on top of authoritative and creative talents, viable industry experience and the passion and drive to succeed in business (Malouf, 2012). It is likewise found that uncommon occasions are gone to by the local resident, visitors and previous occupants, who come to this or that city every year (Wooten & Norman, 2008). As per Torkildsen, special event are a part of the nation's way of life and history, and they depend on myths, legends and old conventions (2005).
Comprehension of the significance of special event gives a chance to the coordinators of art and music festival and other guests' attractions to understand the main considerations that enormously affect the nature of event management. They pay careful consideration to the physical environment and the utilization of individual build hypothesis and the rating grid, which are utilized to see better the guests' experience (Wooten & Norman, 2008).
As per Torkildsen, the larger part of event have comparative strategies and methods of association, including event management (2005). The significant segments of arranging event are decision making, planning and organizing, presentation and assessment. Occasion arranging ought to be far reaching, mulling over any conceivable effects, including environmental impacts, and...

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