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Ferry Transportation In Mumbai Essay

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Case Study on Ferry Service in Mumbai


“SAMUDRA Pvt. Ltd.”

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The Mumbai city’s 62-km coastline which can be used as a transport corridor supplementing our saturated suburban railway services. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority’s (MMRDA) has Rs 6,143 crore budgets (last year’s was Rs 6,653 crore) for this year has set aside Rs 100 crore for a water transport line from Ferry.


We are putting a lot of emphasis on the project, considering the city needs an eco-friendly ...view middle of the document...

For example: Ballast Water Management, Crew Accommodation, Load Line, SAFCON, SEQ, SRT, MARPOL, SOLAS, etc. This is to ensure the safety of passengers, following rules & regulations provided by Government and for smooth running of our business.

a) Trend Analysis of the sector – Identifying white spaces.

➢ Certainties:

o Traffic density –There is heavy traffic on the roads of Mumbai and no further probable scope of new roads coming up due to space constraint in the city. The population of the city is also increasing, putting increasing load on the roads and railways. Water transport is cheaper mode and also takes a considerably less time than roads.

o Population density - Railways are overcrowded. So people have to travel in the uncomfortable situation. But our ferry will not take more than 100 sitting passengers so it will be comfortable and not take more passengers than its capacity.

o Tourist Inflow – Many people do visit Mumbai for the vacations. So we can expect many people travelling with our ferry as a tourist attraction for sea travel.

o Cargo – We will also be transporting goods along with human. As many problems are faced by people who sell vegetable and other stuff from one end of Mumbai to another when they travel by train or road.

o Rules & Regulation of Government – Government will provide subsidy for the business as Ferry transport will off load some of the load from Rail & Road transport in Mumbai city.

➢ Uncertainties:

o Seasonality – Due to heavy rains trend in Mumbai we will have to close our ferry business for 2 months in Monsoon.

o Fuel Prices – Diesel which is required for ferry is fluctuating all the time which will affect our business heavily.

o Rules & Regulation of Government – If Government of India will make Passport compulsory for any commuter boarding on our ferry then that will be a big problem. Because as it’s a sea route anything illegal can also happen.

o Ship prices – We will be importing ships so the cost of it if changed due to reasons like heavy duties, costly spare parts, efficient mechanics, etc. then our pricing strategy will be affected from it.

o Foreign Players – Till now no one is into this business. But new entrants can come into this if Government will allow. Many people abroad are doing the ferry business very efficiently and are having lots of experience in this.

o Railway Transportation – People in Mumbai are used to travelling in trains. They have various stations if travelled in train. But in ferry we will be covering only few destinations. So public many use train. And also trains will be cheaper than us.

o Security Threats – As it’s a sea route there are many possibilities of terrorist attack and other things like that.

➢ Business Performance:...

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