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Fenway Park Essay

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“Fenway Park”
It is the bottom of the eighth inning and the Red Sox are down five runs to one run. David Ortiz steps to the plate and with one swing hits a grand-slam. Fenway Park erupted with cheer. As I looked around at the crowd celebrating, I began to admire Fenway Park. It was chockfull of banners and memorabilia. Fenway Park appeared simple in architectural design, but little did I know how much history existed here.
In today's society some of the best things are ones that change little and remain basically the same as they have for decades. Fenway Park is an example of this as the Boston Red Sox have remained committed to staying at this classic ballpark that they have ...view middle of the document...

Sitting behind home plate allowed me to really appreciate the 37 feet high famous Green Monster. This fixture is one of a kind and helps to distinguish Fenway as the most unique stadium in the Majors. The Wall was part of the park when it was originally built in 1912. At first it was constructed to keep spectators who did not pay for admission an opportunity to see the game at no charge. It was made of wood and burnt down with much of the park in the 1934. The wall was rebuilt and made of tin upon its reconstruction. The current wall is built of a hard plastic and was assembled in 1976. Up until 1947, advertisements draped the wall. That year the wall was painted green and hence the name the Green Monster would become synonymous with Fenway Park forever. In honor of the famed wall, the Red Sox mascot is a furry green monster, named Wally The Green Monster (Desberg, Carl 2010)
Another noticeable and very unique structure to Fenway Park is the manual scoreboard which dawns at the bottom of the monster. Even though there has been an electronic scoreboard above the bleacher seats in center field at Fenway Park for many years, people still look to the base of the Green Monster at the manual scoreboard to keep track of the action on the field and at other parks around the league. This feature was installed in 1934 and it is one of the few remaining manually-operated scoreboards in baseball. During every home game, there are three operators to keep the scoreboard as up-to-date as possible. Green and red lights signal the number of balls, strikes and outs. 16-inch-square numbers are used to indicate runs and hits, and 12-by-16 inch square numbers are used to show errors, innings, and the number of the current pitcher. You will also find the initials of former owners Thomas A Yawkey and his wife Jean R. Yawkey written in Morse code (Fenway Park History).
Another unique landmark that I noticed at Fenway Park was the “Citgo Sign”. As simple as it looked, little did I know that even this had some sort of a history behind it. The electrically lit Citgo sign could be seen from inside Fenway, located outside the park, in the view above the left-field wall. The famous sign, located atop the building housing the Barnes and Noble Boston University bookstore on nearby Kenmore Square, was erected in 1965, replacing a "Cities Service" sign (Citgo's old name) that had been there previously.
The sign was built over a Cities Service divisional office in 1940 and said to be the largest sign in New England, the CITGO sign is double-faced and measures 60 feet by 60 feet. During the day, the CITGO sign is an impressive monument. Its bright colors are visible for miles around from its perch in Kenmore Square. And Red Sox fans can't see past left field at Fenway Park without taking in this majestic sign. In the Boston night is when the sign truly comes alive. It has been called the 'crown jewel of Boston' and surges in a hypnotic pattern of ruby red, blue and...

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