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Feminism Essay

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Michael Garcia
Professor Ryan
History 106
October 23, 2013
This presentation of how feminism has affected the world, how far its come and how much progresses we still have to go was phenomenal. Jeff Bucholtz performance and speaking fervor was unrivaled. The beginning of the seminar was started with the origin of inequality between men and women based on the thought that women’s minds worked different than a man’s. There was really the belief that women’s minds actually were biologically different and that they we incapable to do what men could do. When in reality women’s mind and men’s minds work exactly in the same way. Jeff Bucholtz demonstrated the possible way society ...view middle of the document...

Feminism is not anything like that in matter in fact men can also be feminist. If you favor equality of all people then you are a feminist. Feminist equals humanitarian. It’s not about men vs women but is about that we are all-equal and should be treated fairly and like one another.
Another concept that was mentioned was being aware that the history that is often taught is about men and women were quite left out of our history. In some cases women were mentioned but only in the context of helping a man’s cause. An example of so is Rosa Parks. History being taught teaches that she refused to move her seat and she helped Martin Luther King’s cause. When in correct context of history Rosa Parks prior to that was active in feminist movement, female equality, and anti rape groups. We saw that throughout history there were many female figures that were swept under the rug to never be mentioned.
An interesting part of history was that during WWII women were called to work in factories but had children to be looked after. The government then set up the nations first childcare programs to take care of children but after the war all those programs disappeared and they put women back into their homes. That gave women a taste of independence and their hunger to work and become independent only grew even more. The feminist movement contributed to not only voting rights but also sent quakes to setup the civil rights movement and in current news foreshadowed the Gay rights movement.
I have realized that feminism has altered and changed my life in ways that I haven’t known. I also realized that I have unconsciously contributed to the attitude of demeaning women without knowing. Finding out all the things that women have done to fight for their right to be recognized leaves me speechless. I couldn’t agree more about the cause. I value women, and I value the equal treatment and respect that they deserve. Its how my relationship works, both my girlfriend and I are equals and we uphold this mutual respect for each other. That is how our society should also be. It was amazing to find out that Rosa Parks was actually a feminist activist prior to the bus...

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