Female Friends Vs. Male Friends Essay

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Female Friends vs. Male Friends

On a daily base people compare female and male friends. Most people have more than one friend; whether it's the same or opposite gender. Females and males have several similarities, but also have many differences. For example: female friends and male friends have several similarities such as having fun, hanging out, and just talking; they also have many differences, for example interests, emotions, and thoughts.

Female friends and male friends normally enjoy the same activities together, having fun, and hanging out. Regardless, if it's just sitting at home talking or going out to the movies. Both will also just be glad to have fun and not a single care in the world. The majority of the time both even agree that's it better to have a mixture of genders; instead, of constantly having ...view middle of the document...

They are open with their emotions which can cause them to draw closer to someone. It also, gives a person comfort to have someone to understand them, their struggles, and to listen to all their pointless drama. However, they are more likely to gossip and quicker to judge.

On this note, girls can also go shopping with one another. While shopping they can offer honest opinions about what's in style and what really isn't in style. They can talk about boyfriends, share secrets, and have many heart-to-hearts.

Males on the other hand are a lot different from females. They are less likely to be emotional and usually have no care in the world. Mostly, guys just enjoy talking about sports, vehicles, girls, and clowning around. Furthermore, guys aren't as open about their feelings as females are and they often have a difficult time trying to relate to a females problem.

Males can also be more reliable and respectful towards a female. They are always willing to listen to someone's story without being quick to judge or to make any assumptions. They usually try to keep people at an arms length distance unless they have known someone for a long time. However, if a male truly trust someone they will be open and unashamed of their own problems.

Some males will not call it quits whenever the going gets difficult or the rest of the world hates someone. They will always try their best to be right beside of someone even if he or she is in the wrong. Also, guys don't pay much attention to any disgusting habits someone may or may not have. Therefore, they genuinely care and like someone based on their personality.

With a male friend someone isn't going to try their best to fit in or impress him. Many guys are willing to accept someone for who he or she is; whether or not if they have the newest phone or car. However, most only care if a person is kind to them and doesn't try to be someone that they aren't.

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