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Employee:       Job Title:      

Family:       Phase:      

Date:       Date of Last Updated Job Profile:      

Employee Group:       Review Period (year):      

The purpose of the annual feedback and development process is to facilitate a dialogue that recognizes and appreciates successes while supporting continuous learning and development.

Feedback is used to reach agreement on goals and a development plan for the upcoming year. The process is facilitated through a standard Performance Framework (see illustration). There are two components to performance: Accountabilities and Competencies.

Accountabilities support the overall directions of the unit by defining ...view middle of the document...

Step 4: The employee and supervisor meet to review their respective ratings and discuss similarities and/or differences. It is not necessary to reach consensus on the ratings. The purpose of the discussion is to explore differing perceptions, underlying causes and challenges, goal clarity and needed development.

Step 5: The employee and supervisor reach agreement on goals for the next year to support the accountabilities.

Step 6: The employee and supervisor reach agreement on a development plan to support goals and growth in the competencies.

Step 7: The employee and supervisor combine the results of the process into one document, sign it and submit it to Human Resources for the personnel file.

Note: If agreement cannot be reached on goals or the development plan, the supervisor should seek support from Human Resources. The supervisor is responsible for completing and submitting the form, and providing a copy to the employee.


Accountabilities (max: 25) describe expected results and outcomes for a specific job; they describe what outcome is expected as result of their various tasks, duties and activities.

|Please use the rating scale below to provide the best response. |N/A: Unable to assess or not in the position long enough to assess |
| | |
|Use the comment box at the end of this section to expand when the ratings do not | |
|enable you to fully express your feedback. | |
| |1: Consistently fails to meet expectations and/or make progress |
| |2: Meets some expectations and/or makes some progress |
| |3: Consistently meets expectations and/or makes progress |
| |4: Exceeds expectations and/or makes strong progress |
| |5: Greatly exceeds expectations and/or makes exceptional progress |
| |N/A |1 | 2 |3 |4 |5 |
|1.       |Supervisor | | | | |...

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