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Homes for the homeless

The U.S. Government defines affordable housing as housing that consumes 30 percent or less of a household's income. Using that definition, millions of people in the United States do not have affordable housing; that number is presently growing .In this day in age there should be affordable housing for the less fortunate. The purpose of the suite of Make Home is to bolster a damaged and fragile economy by helping families who have difficulty making mortgage payments as a result of reduced or lost incomes, lost jobs, and other unfortunate situations that can arise during periods of economic decline that are beyond control such as debilitating illness and death. ...view middle of the document...

Most are bias to the fact of helping the homeless. Their was a meeting negotiating an afforable housing development in a large urban commmunity. At the meeting local usual neighbor reposnes.
Fearful neighbors said:

“I am not against helping homeless people, just not in my neighborhood.”
“We have children in the area. This project is not appropriate here.”
“You will scare away my customers.

Homeless advocates said:
“It is not big enough. We need more housing.”
“Why can’t you double the size?”

There is a organization called Habitat For Humanity. Their plan was to build houses for the homeless and the poor — it builds lives. A child can spend his time at school learning rather than worrying where he will sleep that night. A low-income worker can start saving for the future because his Habitat home has an affordable loan. Families can feel the pride of having a home with a permanent address to call their own.
Habitat for Humanity homes are not the only beneficiaries. The volunteer Habitat builders are also left smiling, knowing their work made a tangible, long-lasting difference. Habitat for Humanity volunteers frequently report the thrill they get from learning tasks they never thought they could do and seeing a final product that they literally had a hand in creating.
With help from all these programs. Why not help the homeless. Habitat for Humanity has built more than 400,000 houses for homeless and poor people throughout the world since 1976, there are still thousands of people who would love the chance to become homeowners and are ready to do their share. But they cannot do it alone. Help build a Habitat house in your region or locate a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate anywhere in America. No experience is necessary.
Explore Habitat for Humanity opportunities abroad through its Global Village program....

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