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Federal Reserve System Essay

951 words - 4 pages

“Crime and Victimization”
Ron Graham
Strayer University Henrico Campus

Professor: Michael Winborne
Date: 7, February 2014

1. Victimization
The theory I chose is choice theory where peoples behavior evolve around weighing
the consequences and benefits before engaging in a crime before a rational choice is
made. The individual perceives chances gain outweighs the punishment, this is what
triggers people to engage in criminal activity. The research below show that the male
offenders are motivated to commit violent crimes with their spouses because they
perceive chances of gain outweighs the perceived punishment or loss, they know that ...view middle of the document...

The GSS survey
shows that the majority of violent crime against the Aboriginal women mainly
perpetrated by acting alone males who did not use weapons. Most Aboriginal women
seek help from non-professional sources (family members) verses going to the police.
2. I chose the to report on the bombings that took place abroad in 1998 when the

American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were targeted and bombed by a terrorist

group, I also chose the FBI agency to respond to the case because of their ability to act

prompted to establish programs to deal with problems at home and abroad. The bombings

in 1998 caused the FBI to establish a new program called rapid development

teams (RDTs) to mobilize and deploy in a moments notice to deploy to any destination

world wide to handle investigations that falls in the Bureau’s jurisdiction, that deals with

crimes against the US citizens and or interests. These units are trained to handle

situations abroad; the Rapid Development Technology Unit (RDTU) provides

transportation is designed ships equipment and supplies to the FBI teams that are

responding to terrorist acts, or crisis events abroad. Specialized RTD’s are located in our

home country in the states of Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington D.C.

ready to assist with home an abroad situations. The FBI has become an integral part of

curbing terrorist crimes in the United states and abroad, it is comprised of more than

30,000 employees, including more than 1200 special agents and 17,000 supports

Personnel that perform the following functions: Professional, administrative, technical,

clerical, craft, trade, and maintenance operations. After 911 the FBI priority has been

reducing terrorist threats in the United States. By doing so, the FBI has built a

intelligence collection system with Boarder Patrol, secret Service and the CIA to data

mining crime...

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